Keep It Moving!

dude crying

Ok, so you just broke up after dating for three months, and now you’re feeling a little heartbroken. Put away the junk food, the crying on the best friend’s shoulder (yes, guys cry too), and of course, sleeping in all day. It’s time to deal with it. Get up and get out. Raise up your confidence level, pull those curtains and let the sunlight in. If you know the reasons why you broke up, then evaluate for the next relationship.

1. Write your feelings down. This can be a form of therapy or release.

2. Try new things, like going skydiving (well doesn’t have to be that extreme), but something adventurous like hiking or biking to relax and clear your thoughts. Stay active!

3. Deal with the hate. Don’t spend your time cussing the other, sending hate text messages, telling people bad things about them, or even calling your local radio to put his/her name on blast (people have done that).

4. Clear the triggers. If you have things that can stir up old memories then get rid of them. You won’t move on if you’re still stuck in the past.
found love letter

5. Do not go on a re-bound. You are only hurting yourself and the poor sucker you’re using.
rebound hook-up

6. Be happy. Get rid of all the negative energy from your life and think only positive thoughts. People will see your glow and you will find love again.
new love

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