Happiness Is An Intangible Asset With A High Rate of Return

Happiness is an intangible asset, with a high rate of return. Money cannot buy you happiness. Do not be fooled, even the billionaires of these world can attest to this. If anything, to quote the late Notorious B.I.G. ‘Mo money, mo problems’.

You can’t touch it, but you can feel it. It is that tingling sensation in your belly that makes you want to shout, smile and be nice to the human kind.

Being that we are only human, we are unable to be happy 24/7,365. Circumstances and situations cannot allow for this, but it is important to maintain optimism even in the face of adversity.

Despite what life may throw at us, happiness guarantees a high rate of return. If allowed to fully manifest itself in our lives, it can enrich our souls and hearts to a point of no return!

~Let positive vibes vibrate and flow through your veins~

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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