MOURNIN SKY – UK’s Rising Rock Stars

Hailing from Liverpool, UK with a unique sound, alternative rock band Mournin Sky hopes to "blow people away with their music". They hope to achieve international success and hopefully play in major cities like New York.

The band is currently

busy working on music for their debut album. With their energy, their name will soon be on everyone’s lips. Read the interview for more scoops. A pandemonium is about to begin. Be a part of it!


1.) What are the names of the members in the band?

Anthony Manley (lead singer)
Joseph Callaghan (guitar/vocals)
Liam Callaghan (bass guitar)
David Weymouth (lead guitar)
Daniel Weymouth (drums)

2.) What part of the uk are you from?

We are all from Liverpool (home of the Beatles)

3.) How did you get together?

Anthony and Joseph started writing together and formed the band, but it wasn’t too hard to find the other members as they are all related to Joseph; His brother Liam plays bass, and his two cousins Dave and Danny play lead and drums so its all happy familys, well sometimes lol

4.) Who writes the lyrics to your songs?

Anthony and Joseph write the lyrics to the songs.
Anthony writes songs on his own as does Joey, sometimes they write together. If Liam or Dave write a new tune they pass it on to Anthony or Joey for words.

5.) Who or what influences your music?

Think we are all influenced and inspired by many musicians and many many bands, but we don’t try and write or sound like any body else.

6.) Have you done any showcases or tour of the UK?

Not as yet. We mainly stay in the north west uk for now but we plan on spreading our wings pretty soon.

7.) How is the music scene there?

The music scene is great in Liverpool; everyone loves going to see live bands,
plus with the Beatles connection to Liverpool, the city always has music
everywhere you go in the city centre..its a great city for bands.

8.) Are you guys working on releasing your debut album?

We would love to be able to do our album at some point. We have written over 160 fantastic songs, and have chosen the songs we will be putting on our first album so fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

9.) Would you like to tour the us some time?

Would really love to, to be able to play in places like New York would be mind blowing lets hope one day.

10.) Where do you see Mournin Sky in the future?

Hopefully get spotted, get signed and really show people what we can do,
only we know whats coming next with our music, and we know we can blow people away we just gotta keep working hard and keep writing special songs and who knows.

For more info and to hear the music of Mournin Sky, visit their official Myspace:

MOURNIN SKY’s 10 Quickies

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