I Like You!

Have you ever seen someone that you were just so attracted to, but couldn’t find the courage to approach him/her?

Well, here are a few tips:

1. Make eye contact. Make it brief. Don’t stare too long, but only for a second or two, and then smile with the eyes.

2. Drop something on purpose, and please make sure it doesn’t look obvious.

3. Make sure to let he/she know you’re single.

4. Be confident. Even if you’re faking it. Girls lose interest in guys that approach them nervous and fumbling, and guys get turned off when all a girl does is giggle like an idiot when they’re talking to her.

5. Start up a conversation. It can be as random as a conversation about the weather, but just start from somewhere.

6. Ladies be assertive. Guys like confident women. Tell him your feelings, but don’t get too pushy.

7. Become friends first. It will progress from that if you want it to.

8. Hang out, but not too much. You’ll end up annoying each other.

9. Make jokes. A good sense of humor is always a plus.

10. Remember his/her name. This seems silly but it does happen. If you can’t even remember the name of the person you like, then there is no used for them to even bother with you.

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