Your Friends Say A Lot About You!

The kind of friends you keep say a lot about the kind of person you are.

There’s a saying that goes “show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are”, which basically means, if your friends are positive then you must be a positive person as well, but if your friends are negative, then you must be too.

In life, it is always a good thing to surround yourself with positive influences. Sometimes you have friends that aren’t quite as positive as you are, but you cherish the friendship so much that you push the negativity aside. That can cause some problems at times, cause if they should get in trouble, then you’ll be accused as well, just because you are friends and are affiliated with each other.

I have a few points as to the kind of friends that could be a negative or positive force around you:

1. If your friend is outspoken, adventurous, makes everyone laugh, considers your feelings, and listens well, then he/she is a positive force that’s needed in your life.

2. If your friend is always there for you, has your back no matter what, encourages you, and comforts you whenever you’re down, then that is a positive force you should always keep.

3. If your friend knows you don’t look good in a particular outfit and tells you the honest truth, then he/she is a very good friend, definitely a positive force.

4. If your friend constantly lies to you, makes a play for your girlfriend/boyfriend behind your back, and laughs at you in the face, then you need to disconnect yourself from that friendship. Such a person is not even worth calling a friend, that is a negative force.

5. If your friend is always rude, makes trouble wherever he/she goes, steals things, disrespects your parents, then that is a negative force you need to let go of.

6. If your friend encourages you to drink, drink, drink, party, party, party, disrupts your studies, causes you to fail, drains your life energy, then you definitely need to rid yourself from that negative force.

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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