15 Minutes of Heavenly Uniform

A man in a well tailored suit, makes for good eye candy.  If he is not too easy on the eyes, let’s just admit the suit makes up for the unintended loophole.  On the other hand, men in  uniform would need an introduction, body and conclusion in order to describe what they do to me. Words fail me whenever I see a well framed cop, bus driver or construction worker.

Today, was exactly one of those days.  As I rummaged my purse for my buss pass,  I felt the gauze of the driver’s eye on me. A quick glance, and an even quicker shift back to looking for my pass, got me all bothered. I had stared right into the eyes of a very fine man.

In that instance, I started mentally calculating his age to be about early to mid-thirties. “Not bad, not bad at all I thought to myself”. My thoughts quickly came to a halt when I found the pass and was momentarily disappointed because I knew the “positive/electrochemical” vibes I was getting from him would soon come to an end.

Fortunately for me I found a sit at the very front that gave me an unprecedented and uninterrupted view of this gorgeous man.  The trip back to my house can be filled with a lot of crazy moments. What with the likes of  crazy old men hollering “Hey kitty kitty, you look Alabama fine good!” making passes at you.  Anyway, this uniformed species of a man had well chiseled biceps whose visibility was noted by the tautness of his grey collared shirt. As he announced the various stops, I could not help but be hypnotized by his thick syrupy baritone voice.   For at least 15 minutes, I was totally encapsulated by the “fineness” of this uniformed man.

It was a short ride back to the crib, but a very satisfying 15 minutes. I know I am not alone in my fascination of men in uniform. If you have a short story about men in uniform, please make sure to email us with the title “15minutes of heavenly uniform”.

~Let positive vibes vibrate and flow through your veins~

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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