Interracial Dating

Dating outside of our race is not exactly about wanting a new experience, but it is the same as how you would approach any other relationship, for the mere joy of finding someone you connect with emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Surely there are more challenges to face when you date outside of your race; for one, you could end up spending more time defending your relationship rather than actually having one. If you truly love and care for each other, then you’ll do whatever it takes to make it work. It’s imperative to remember that you are dating each other and not the world, so focus on your love and forget the haters. What’s wrong with it anyways? In fact, the one that makes it the hardest for people to date outside their race is the media. And I find that rather contradicting when the media encourages us to “taste the rainbow”.

I for one am open towards interracial dating because I don’t believe in discriminating against race, but how do you feel about it?

2 thoughts on “Interracial Dating

  1. POW@ ‘Don’t hate it just EMBRACE it!’. It’s quite unfortunate that people disprove of these relationships based on the skin color. Color does not make the person, character does.

  2. I think people should be more open minded to interracial dating instead of putting up a wall, since this type of relationship is increasing. Don’t hate it just embrace it!

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