Spotlight – Koda Kumi

Meet Koda Kumi, a Japanese singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, fashionista, and nail art queen. She is widely known in her nation as a urban and r&b superstar; with 48 Singles and 8 studio albums, Koda is one of the hardest working females in Japan, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Koda has a sexy and provocative style. Because of this image, she has become a fashion leader among young women, setting trends such as the ero-kakkoii style. She has won many fashion awards, and “nail art” awards for her creative nail designs, mainly featured in her music videos.

My favorite Koda Kumi songs and music videos would have to be “Under, “Shake It“, “That Aint Coolfeaturing the Black Eyed PeasFergie, “You’re so Beautiful“, and her latest balladSuki de Suki de Suki de“. Also, watch Koda showcase her hot moves in theHot Stuffmusic video. Check them out below:



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