Spotlight – 2NE1

Meet 2NE1, a kpop, Hip Hop and R&B group hailing from South Korea. 2NE1 stands for “New Evolution of the 21st Century“; They are signed to YG Entertainment, a South Korean label with strong Hip Hop influences.

The group gained popularity upon the release of the LG promotional song “Lollipop“, which was a collaboration with fellow label mate BIG BANG.  Though the collaboration gave them much recognition, it was their debut single “Fire” that gave them much respect across Asia, and internationally.

Since the beginning of 2010, 2NE1 have been working hard on English songs for a possible American debut, with the assistance of producer and Black Eyed Peas rapper

My favorite 2NE1 songs would have to be “Fire“, “In the Club“, and their latest “Go Away“. They have recently released their first album in Korea titled “To Anyone“, and are the first artists to release and promote 3 singles all at once.

Be sure to support and purchase their music. If you haven’t heard of 2NE1 from Perez Hilton or on YouTube, go ahead and check out their latest music videos: “Clap Your Hands“, “Go Away“, and “Can’t Nobody“.




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