First Date

Co-founder just asked me a very interesting question. What would be your ideal first date. Without thinking, I said going to the art galleria and having a wonderful dinner afterwards.  Odd place if you ask, but great place to expand your typical movie-date theme.

A first date is all about having fun and KISS. Keeping It Simple. It is not the time for your darkest revelations, neither is it the time to hold back. Strike a balance, so as not to come across as being aloof, and not interested.

So which of the following would be an ideal date for you and why?

a.) Movies

b.) Art Galleria

c.) The park

e.) Beach

f.) Restaurant

Happy datings!

2 thoughts on “First Date

  1. Definitely the beach because there are things to do ie sports, making fun of people who dressed weird, the water, the beachfront shops etc, besides just the beach. Plenty to keep you entertained if the date isn’t going so well or if it is awkward.

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