She Ain’t A Gold-Digger, But She Ain’t Dating A Broke ….

Famous words, by a famous rapper. You already know his name, no need mentioning him!  (I hope he doesn’t read this and demand an apology for not being mentioned lol)

Money is not everything, but it is something. It will and cannot buy you happiness, but it sure can get you a lot of goodies.  Back to the famous statement, a woman who wants the fine things in life is not necessarily a gold-digger. She is a woman in search of a partner to compliment her “successful” life.  Read success here as being stable. She “got her own, miss independent”.

With that in mind, she is looking for a man of the same caliber, a stable man.  They say “to each his own”, but we can all respect a man that is  determined, focused and a go-getter. For now  he might be working the grill at Burger King (my favorite fast food chain), earning minimum wage(I’ll definitely wink at him if he is cute and works at BK), but enrolled in college working towards bettering himself, we have to sit back and just urge him on towards his dream.

Being broke is not a matter of want, it is a state of being. Nobody wants to be in this situation. Having to worry about bills, bills, and more bills is not the business.  But the truth of the matter is, some of us are not sympathetic or rather empathetic of what brought him to such circumstances.

Granted that the man is not lazy and is a hard worker, regardless of his career path, if he meets your physical requirements smile at him, and make a pass to if you are 100% sure he is not married. You never know, he might just be the one!

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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