Spotlight – Utada

Meet Hikaru Utada, a Japanese/American pop singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer. Commonly known by her stage name Utada, this pop star has sold an estimated 52 million records worldwide.

Utada was born in Manhattan to a record producer father, and a Japanese Enka singing mother. She moved to Tokyo in 1998 to attend school; by this time she had already released her first English studio album titled “Precious“, which charted at the no.2 position in Japan.

While on a break from her music in 2000, ‘Time Magazine’ called her a ‘Diva On Campus’. She is widely known from her theme songs “Simple and Clean” for the Kingdom Hearts video game.

Utada She released her first Japanese studio album “First Love” in 1999, and sold over 7 million copies. “First Love” was her best selling album ever.  She returned from her break with the release of “Distance” in 2001. Utada went on to release 3 more Japanese studio albums, which have all charted at the no.1 position in Japan. To date Utada has released 27 singles, 8 studio albums, and 3 compilations.

My favorite Utada songs would have to be “Prisoner of Love” & “Flavor of Life” from the 2008 album “Heart Station“, and of course “Apple & Cinnamon” and “This One” from her “This Is The One” english album in 2009. Check out Utada’s music if you haven’t already. Though she’s celebrating 10 years in the biz, she will be taking another break from her career, so be sure to grab her new compilation of hits later this year.

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