Spotlight – Tristania

Meet Tristania, a Gothic metal band from Norway. They have been making music for over twelve years now. However, since 2007 have gone through a change in line-up.

In their present form, Tristania still makes use of the distinct male/female vocal duels. The band has always taken pride in elaborated vocal harmonies, and the shared vocal competence among singers, both lead and back-up, is one of the band’s most prominent features.

Tristania‘s latest release “Rubicon”, was recorded during the first months of 2010 in different studios in Norway. This time around, the band was heavily involved in all aspects of the process.

Tristania have literally crossed the ‘Rubicon‘ into brilliant new musical territory. The Norwegian Gothic Metal legends have re-invented themselves without betraying their roots. ‘Rubicon’ is a stunning and sparkling album!”
Gunnar Sauermann (Metal Hammer)

My favorite song on this album is “Amnesia“. Have a listen, as well as watch the music video for their leading single “Year of the Rat“.


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