Compassionate Break-Up Lines

Do you guys know the so-called “compassionate” break-up lines?

If you don’t (I doubt it), here are a few common ones:

1.  “We need to talk“.

2. “I have to tell you something serious, I hope you will understand“.

3. “It’s not you, it’s me“. (yea right)

4. “I hope we can still be friends“.

5. “You deserve much better“.

6. “I’m sorry, I just don’t think I was ready for another relationship“.

7. “I think we need some space“. Which is basically saying “let’s separate so I can avoid you, and then you’ll get that I really broke-up with you“.

8. “You’re just like a sister/brother to me, I can’t see you as my lover“.

9. “You’re a great person, I just don’t think we’re suitable“.

10. Here’s the killa: “Give me back my keys“.

No matter what ridiculous line you use, the other person will get hurt, because they’ll feel like they were giving their all while you were just playing around. So just be honest with your feelings, instead of trying to go around the truth.

Have you guys ever been guilty or was the victim of any of these lame lines?


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