Spotlight – Candace

Meet Candace Thorbourne, a Jamaican born pop/r&b singer, songwriter and model. Candace is the younger sister of pop/dancehall group Brick & Lace.

Candace was a finalist in the 2004 Miss Jamaica World Beauty pageant when she was 18 years old, in which she awed the audience by singing and playing the guitar to an original song called “Maybe“. She won the talent segment, but placed second overall in the competition. This did not prevent Candace from moving ahead with her music career, as she became the talk of the town due to her amazing vocal ability and humble personality.

In 2007, Candace appeared on the remix to Akon‘s “Don’t Matter” single, the global artist and producer that she had been working with while creating her own music. She got signed to 180 Entertainment, an affiliate of Akon’s Kon Live Distribution, and have been working with hit producers like Tricky Stewart, and Cool & Dre.

Candace has toured with her sisters Brick & lace, and Akon on the Gwen StefaniSweet Escape” tour. She travelled with them for the experience and described the time spent on the tour as exciting. “I’m taking it one step at a time, but of course I’d love to be on a really international level so that my music can reach a lot of people. I’d love to be able to have enough albums to collaborate with some great and creative people and experiment with different kinds of sounds. Eventually I’d love to get a Grammy…that’s a really big dream of mine.”

My favorite songs are “Somebody Else“, and “Stuck in my Head“, “Gotta Get You“, and the “Don’t Matter” remix. Check them out below:

Be sure to look out for this star on the rise. For more info check out her official myspace:

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