Get Your Flirt On!

A wink here, a touch there, soft whispers, lots of smiling and short laughs equals flirting.  I highly recommend this art form of getting to know him or her, as it does not follow a particular method. It just happens.

If you are a shy person, you can reduce flirting to a mere wink and lots of smiles. If you are outgoing, combine everything into one huge pot and cook yourself a big meal of fun.

Going back to my love of men in uniform, for instance the bus driver, I saw him again!!! A coy smile, followed by a hello got his attention. I sat in my usual seat upfront, where I was able to get a picturesque view of him. This time around, I caught him looking at me through his rear view mirror.  I smiled, he acknowledged with a smile back and continued driving.  Being that there are laws and regulations that stipulate standing behind the yellow line on a bus, I was at a disadvantage. Otherwise, if there were none enforced,  trust and believe the smiling and hello’s would have progressed to a marriage proposal from me. I kid, I kid! (he is hella fine tho!)

Flirting is fun! If you spot somebody who catches your interest, wink, smile say hi…who knows what it might lead to!

Happy Flirting!

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