Kelli-Leigh: Soul Queen On The Rise

Kelli-Leigh is a singer/songwriter from the UK, fusing Rock with Funk & Soul. Her voice is like rain; intense passion that touches the souls of her audience with chilling stage performances.

Kelli-Leigh is currently in the studio working hard on her debut album, hoping to find a sound that will reach every corner of the earth. Look out for this international singing sensation, and be prepared to be emotionally moved.

Listen to the sample and read the interview for more!

EY: Where are you from?

KL: Born in London, UK

EY: How did you get your start as a singer, and was it always your dream?

KL: Singing has honestly always been my dream, Started singing as a child as my mum is a singer/songwriter, dad a bass player, uncle professional touring singer & other uncle a professional drummer in Paris.

– “Now being solo, the creative sound and energy is all on you, which can be very freeing but at the same time make you more emotionally attached to the music…”

EY: Who are some of your influences?

KL: Ella Fitzgerald, Skunk Anansie, India Arie, Norah Jones, Prince & The New Power Generation.

EY: How would you describe your music as a solo artist, compared to working with Izzy B in ‘KI’?

KL: Doing a duo can be amazing (KI) as when your writing with someone that is on your wave length but can bring their own spark you wouldn’t have thought of, it can be explosive & exciting! However at the same time you do always have to compromise ideas & try and be 50% all the way which can cause passionate arguments. Now being solo, the creative sound and energy is all on you, which can be very freeing but at the same time make you more emotionally attached to the music, as if someone criticises it, its like they are criticising you personally.

EY: What inspires your songs? They’re really good.

KLAhh thanks glad you like them! Many things inspire my songwriting but its mainly when i hear the right chords and then my liracle vibes start flowing and i start writing.

– “i love the diversity in how i get to perform and sing…”

EY: People say your performances are amazing, how do you get ready for shows?

KL: firstly thank you! 8) I get ready by drinking a lot of water and humming my songs and alot of shuffling around! i like to feel energized before i hit the stage to be ready to have a bounce when i perform. If you go on with energy, the audience will feel your vibe straight away!

EY: What is it like working and travelling with Butcherd Beats and High on Heels?

KL: I absolutely love the travelling with High on Heels, we’ve been to such amazing places this year and met some awesome people & the same when i did the Croatia shows with Butcherd Beats, its very exciting, however its extremely different to my own material as it’s all club performances and my music is live band material. However i love the diversity in how i get to perform and sing..the touring and club vocals has really stretched my range and ability.

EY: The song ‘Over with You’, which was co-written with Katie Holmes, is it a collaborative song including both your vocals, and what is the story behind the lyrics?

KL: Wow you’ve done your research! 8) Katie & i met on some gigs and got on really well. She told me about a track she couldn’t find a solid idea for so we decided to collaborate. It was a complete 50/50 writing session. It was really fun as we really bounced off of each other and came up with the song in a few hours which we then decided Katie’s voice suited best and then recorded her. Katie has a great voice! The lyrics were based on the idea of guy’s that are obvious losers that are trying to get with girls to have their way and then be on their way, and the thing is these type of guys really don’t think some of the more intelligent ladies can’t see straight through them…news flash – we can fellas!!

EY: How is the process going with your solo album?

KL: My Solo album is coming along..I’m still discovering my full sound. I started off with the sweeter tracks like ‘If I Ruled The World’ which i do love but I’m trying to write stuff which shows a darker and more edgier side of myself that i only really share with close friends & family.

EY: Who are some of the producers working on the album, and are there any writers you’re working with as well?

KL: I haven’t got any specific producers, Butcherd Beats did some rough early tracks for me and then I’ve just recorded 4 new tracks in the Wax studios with Robert Strauss, however i am looking for the right producer to collaborate with whom can truly get my sound and vision. in the case of songwriters, I’m currently writing with my guitarists Ryan Haberfield, Keir Moore, and have just written a track with Joshua Drewe but i am looking for more songwriters to work with whom can collaborate more on the melodic and lyrics side as that side is mainly all me.

– “I’m hoping Next year 2011 is the year where the big exposure happens…”

EY: From all the places you’ve performed, which was your favorite?

KL: mmmm that’s tough…I’ve been all over the place with High on Heels recently, and the InidgO2 gig for my own music was awesome but my actual favourite performance place yet has been the Station Sessions! I’ve performed in China, South Korea, Dubai, but the feeling i got on stage in the middle of St Pancras international was such freedom, i wanted to do it all over again as soon as I’d finished! I want them to have me back but i think it’s a one performance type of gig! lol 8)

EY: Do you have any plans for touring in the US anytime soon?

KL: America is the only place i haven’t been and i soooo want to go!! Butcherd Beats has toured all over the US when he was Daniel Bedingfield’s DJ on the ‘Gotta get through this’ tour, and I’ve heard so much about it now..In & Out burger?!?! I want to go to New York, Florida, Chicago, and Seattle looks really interesting! can you arrange a tour…? (very sweet but cheeky smile!)

EY: What’s next for Kelli-Leigh?

KL: Next for me – Kelli-Leigh – are a few cool slots, my interview on Premier Radio airs Sat. November 13th, on the 15th i’ll be playing in Covent Garden under the LED Christmas tree, a big gig at Enterprise in Camden and performing for the Croydon Christmas lights switch on Thursday the 18th of November. I’m hoping to get most of this filmed so my YouTube page should be fun to view for those that can’t make the gigs. I’ll also be working on some releases with High on Heels & Butcherd Beats, and working on some plans with my new manager! I’m hoping Next year 2011 is the year where the big exposure happens…fingers crossed!!

For more information, visit Kelli-Leigh’s Official Website

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