Music Tastes’ Like 4FLAVA

Talent, beauty, and sex appeal are what mixes together to form ‘4FLAVA’; an urban pop and r&b group straight out of the UK. With their amazing stage presence, killer performances and vocal abilities, one cannot deny that 4FLAVA is a breath of fresh air within the music industry.

These ladies are aiming to reach international status, and with their hard work, determination and confidence, they’ll definitely make an impact as great as En Vogue or Destiny’s Child.

So are you interested in these 4FLAVAs? Then read the interview for more.

1. What is the name of each FLAVA?

Playful Honey [Jade]

Classy Cinnamon [Elizabeth]

Divva Karamel [Chan]

Sassy Coco [Joelle]


2Where are you from?

Karamel: East London

Cinnamon: Hertford, Hertfordshire

Coco:  West London

Honey:  Chelsea, London


3Did you always aspire to become singers?

CinnamonYes, I always wanted to sing from I was a young girl.

Karamel: Ever since I could talk I have always wanted to become a singer. When I was little my Mum would play Whitney Houston around the house and after hearing ‘Saving all my love’ I wanted to be just like Whitney! 8)

Honey: Yes, since a small child. I would talk to myself in the mirror pretending I was on the Terry Wogan Show!!! And sing Janet Jackson into my Mason Pearson hairbrush lol.

Coco: When I was 12 I knew music was what I was born to do but just didn’t know how it would happen. Before that I would always change my mind! I wanted to be a a supermodel/lawyer for a long time.


4How did you get together, and who came up with the name 4FLAVA?

Coco: The lovely Joycelyn Phillips found me and the other girls and 4Flava was reborn!

Honey: I auditioned with JNJ Management and met the ladies a few days later.


5Who or what are your influences?

Cinnamon: India Arie, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Angie Stone, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Tracey Chapman, Alicia Keys, Mary J, Aretha, Michael Jackson, the list goes on and on..

Honey: I adore Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for their style, ambition, voices and their talent and whole package factors.

Karamel: Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige and Chaka Khan

Coco: I’m influenced and inspired first and formost by my faith. And  I’ve always looked up to ‘the musical greats’ such as Whitney, Tina Turner, Prince, Mariah…


6How would you describe your music?

Our music is a fusion of Urban and Pop music and culture. Edgy, with a slice of R&B. It’s so relatable and at the same time enjoyable.


7. Do you write your own songs, and what inspires your lyrics?

Honey: Relationships, day to day

Karamel: We can write but the producers and writers we are working with have come up with such amazing songs but we will defo write in the near future.

Coco: I do write and I love it. Its one of the key way I express myself and my emotions. My lyrics are inspired by experiences that I’ve been through or I’ve seen other go through.


8What is it like working with producers Lionel & Trevor Job, who has produced for Tyrese?

Karamel: Amazing!!! They are both so talented and working with them was an honor. They know how to get the best of you and I loved it because they really pushed me and the results were fab!


9Is there a debut album in the works, and when are you planning on releasing it?

Coco: We are currently recording and rehearsing. The album is still TBC but fingers crossed next year will be all about 4Flava!

Karamel: We are of course working on some amazing material. We want to make sure its perfect before we put it out there. Watch this space because it will be Flavalicious!


10You have done live shows in the UK, do you have any plans of going overseas?

Coco: Yes, our vision and plans are so exciting and definately on an internasional scale!

Karamel: I love the stage as it feels like home! Singing live is what 4FLAVA are all about. We defo plan to go overseas and gig. It will be different and rewarding to be able to perform in different countries and performing for a variety of audience. I’m so excited!

Honey: Yes, we plan to conquer the USA and show what British girls are really made of. No one since the Spice Girls has represented, so there is a void and it is about time.


11Where do you see 4FLAVA going?

Cinnamon: Onwards and upwards!!

Honey: Being successful in every way, being great TV personalities; Releasing fantastic music and albums. Leaving a mark on the industry!

Coco: I see 4Flava being a huge success all over the world! I truely believe we have the talent, passion and drive to make our dreams come true. I hope we can be postive role models who inspire and entertain all kind of people for many years to come.

Karamel: I see 4FLAVA doing it LARGE! Doing major tours in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. 4FLAVA becoming a ‘Brand’ and not just a singing group. Ultimately sharing the FLAVA love!!! We wanna go as far as possible and beyond!!!


For more info, check out their official Myspace:


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