What Does He Really Mean?

Have you ever considered what guys really mean by some of the things they say?

Well, here are a few interesting translations of 10 phrases frequently used by guys:

1. "Can we talk about this later?" - "I never want to talk about this again".

2. “I’m not looking for a serious relationship right now“. – “I’m just looking for sex or I’m not into you“.

3. “Why are you getting so emotional?” – “Why are you getting psychotic?

4. “You’re right“. – “I really disagree, but just want you to shut up“.

5. “Do you want to hang out sometime?” – “You’ll probably say no if i asked you out“.

6. “I’m really single“. – “I’m not but you’re hot“.

7. “My friends like you“. – “I might consider keeping you as my girlfriend“.

8. “I’m sorry i didn’t call“. – “Not really sorry, but i can’t deal with your drama“.

9. “I want you to meet my mom“. – “I’m in love with you“.

10. “It’s a really long story“. – “I won’t look too good if i told you the truth“.


So what do you guys think about these translations? Are they right on point, or would you like to add some more?


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