Jennifer Newberry – An Unstoppable Force

Jennifer Newberry has an undeniable passion for entertainment. A singer, songwriter, and actress who has amazed audiences everywhere. From Europe to the states, this Swedish/American mega star is ready to make her mark on the world.

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EY: How did you get your start as a singer?

JN: My mother was a singer so it started really early. The first time I sang on stage I was 5 years old.

EY: You grew up in Sweden, how is the music scene there?

JN: Music is a big and important part of the Swedish culture. As children, in kindergarten all the little children are gathered around in a circle to start off the day by singing songs together and when going to school there’s at least an hour of music per week. The holidays are celebrated with song. We have a few music TV channels where music is played 24hrs a day. I remember watching music videos on MTV all day long.  But to make it as in independent musician in Sweden is a difficult thing to do. That is one of the reasons why I moved to the states.

EY: Who are some of your influences?

JN: Inspired by and compared to artists such as Norah Jones, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera, I add my own personal touch to round out my own sound.

EY: When did you start doing stage plays in Sweden, and what inspired you to go for that?

JN: I was 6 when I was apart of my first play. My step dad was a director so I grew up around theater. I’ve always been a dramatic person and on stage I get to play it out.

EY: How would you describe your music as a solo artist in comparison with the music you made with 4More?

JN: My own music is a blend of Soulful R&B pop sounds with an alternative rock foundation, and when I play with 4More it is straight top 40 cover songs. Its fun to play with my cover band but it’s more rewarding for me to share my own music and get a great responds. It’s from my heart and I want people to be able to relate and when they do nothing can beat that.

EY: What was it like being apart of the music competition “Melodifestivalen 2002” that allowed you to represent Sweden in the European Music Contest?

JN: To be apart of the Melodifestival was definitely a great milestone for me. I didn’t get very far in the competition but it didn’t matter because I was apart of one of the biggest shows aired on Swedish Television. It was a lot of prepping for the show finding and designing clothes, jewelry, rehearsing dance moves and so on. The media from my hometown was excited for me and documented the process. It was an exciting time in my life.

EY: How did it feel touring with Lutricia McNeal?

JN: I was having the time of my life. Each weekend I would fly out to a different country stay in a different hotel. I love traveling and I love singing so it was a great combination.

EY: What was the concept behind your first album “Be Who You Are”?

JN: Everyone is struggling with who they are while growing up and I have always had a strong self-awareness of who I am as a person and by sharing that I hope to encourage others to be who they are. It’s a lot more work to be someone that you’re not.

EY: How does “Inspiration from the Rain” differ from your first album, and when are you planning on releasing it?

JN: Inspiration From the Rain” is a story about how my life has transitioned over the years to moving from Sweden up until now.  It differs in a lot of ways musically and lyrically. As I have grown so has my music. I’m planning on releasing it in January of 2011.

EY: From all the places you’ve performed, which was your favorite?

JN: My favorite place was the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Because of the history and because of all the great artists that have been there, like Jackson 5, Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Etta James and the list goes on. I thought that was pretty amazing.

EY: You’re a singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and actress, what’s next for Jennifer Newberry?

JN: Releasing my album; taking every opportunity that comes my way. Being in movies, collaborate, performing, writing more music. Traveling and spreading the word, here I am as I am and you can be too!

Jennifer’s “10 Quickies”

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