A Manipulation-Free Relationship

It is often said that in a relationship, women can be quite manipulative. Often times the manipulation begins on the first date, to the moment you move in together, or even get married.

To manipulate means to influence or control in a clever or devious way; Women try to mold men in a form that lives up to their very high expectations. Like verbally criticizing a certain behavior in order for the man to change his ways, or by making particular gestures that initiate wanting to take the relationship to the next level (marriage). 

Men can only take that much manipulation for a significant period of time. He will eventually have a breaking point where enough is enough, and then he will definitely end the relationship. A man does not want to be forced into something he is not ready for. If he enjoys dating your right now, there’s no need to push the “let’s get married” phrase in his mouth just yet.

Ladies, men are not trying to be mind readers; they want you to be clear of your wants and desires; let the men figure out if they can measure up to your needs. To attract a great man and develop a healthy relationship, women should try to communicate their feelings better, and specify exactly what they’re looking for. Women should also understand that men want to be acknowledged and praised for doing right.

A relationship cannot work without trust. Ladies, if you are unable to trust the man, and need him to specify details of his whereabouts for an entire day, then there is no way that relationship will last. Communication is key; Remember, a honest relationship is a healthy relationship.


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