Why is there 48 members in a group?

I’ve been hearing a lot about a Japanese pop group called ‘AKB48‘. This is an all female idol group that has their own theater in a Tokyo district called Akihabara, which their name is shortened for. To my understanding they’re divided into three sub-groups, Team A, Team B, and Team K; each consisting of 16 members.

AKB48 has recently been entered into the ‘Guiness Book of Records‘ for having the most members, which is great, but I’ve been thinking to myself, ‘how much can one member make when the profit is divided among 48?’ and so I came up with a bunch of answers to that: different sub-group projects, Singles, Albums, Variety Shows, tv commercials, stage performances, concerts, DVDs, and Photo books.

Within AKB48 are many other sub-groups, the ones i’m familiar with is: MiniSkirt and French Kiss. Their latest single “Beginner” sold over 570,000 on the first day, and over 1 million in total since its release on October 27th. This group is obviously as huge as Arashi, and I can’t even remember the names of all the members. If you do, please let me know!

Well be sure to listen to their music, it’s really poppy but you just might like it.

source: www.akb48.co.jp/english

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