Let ‘EVERLIFE’ Capture Your Heart

Julia, Sarah and Amber are three sisters from Nashville that form the rocking pop group ‘EVERLIFE‘; an alternative meaning for  the word ‘Eternity’. Their musical talents have given them the opportunity to perform with global artists like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, as well as going on tours throughout Europe.

‘With their timeless music, harmonious vocals and deeply honest lyrics, prove Julia, Sarah and Amber truly have come of age’. EVERLIFE hopes their music will resonate and capture the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Check out the music video to ‘What’s Beautiful’, and of course read the interview for more!


EY: Did you always wanted to sing together?

We just wanted to be together period. Whether it was singing or going to movies or just sitting around. We felt like life was complete when we were around each other.


EY: How did you come up with the name ‘EVERLIFE’?

It was actually our mom that came up with it! We had a name before that wasn’t really fitting well and we had to change it! We were searching and thinking, and praying, and coming up with the weirdest things after a while. Then our mom goes “Why not have another name for eternity? It’s what you sing about. Everlife…” So we looked it up and it wasn’t taken! Fate I tell ya 8)


EYWho or what influences you?

J: Nature and relationships influence me the most. It’s in our music and in my writing. Life, Love, and Community.

S: People who aren’t afraid to let go and follow where God leads them. The ones who with the warrior spirit, but also the gentle spirit. I am influenced a lot by moments, sometimes with people I have never met and will never see again, and also by conversations with those who know me better than I do.

A: Everything around me influences me, especially the people in my life. Even the ones that are there for a moment. And my faith in My Creator by whom I’m constantly reminded to let go and live without worry.


EY: What inspires your music?

Life experiences really. We try to be as real as we can with our lyrics and our music. Whether its written from standpoint of dealing with our parents divorce, needing to forget a boy that we once loved or even a great day that we simply wanted to remember. We always want our fans to feel like they can relate on any level.


EYYou’ve opened shows for the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, what was that like?

J: Breathtaking. A dream come true. Scary. A complete blast. Those are moments I will never forget and never take for granted and the fact that we got to do it together is the best part.


EY: Your single “What’s Beautiful” is amazing; describe the concept behind the song and music video?

S: ‘What’s beautifulwas inspired by so many things, but it was born out of a moment of honesty and frustration. Self image is something all three of us have struggled with for years, especially me personally with going to a treatment center for an eating disorder. It’s such a HUGE topic in life these days. We are always striving to be this image of perfection that we see in the media, and so consumed with being different from what we really are, because we don’t think who we are is good enough. This song was written to hopefully inspire others to know that it’s ok to struggle with your self worth, but we all need to sit back and ask ourselves, who defines beauty anyway? What measure of perfection are you trying to attain, and where does it come from? When everything is stripped away, the clothes, the hair, the makeup, all that’s left is what’s inside of us, and if that is pure and beautiful, than it shows on the outside.


EY: Is there an album in the works, and how does it differ from your previous releases?

A: There’s always another album in the works because we never stop writing! This time around we haven’t got the stress of deadlines and being independent we don’t have executives telling us who we need to be. It’s been a really freeing process! That’s the main difference; as well as our content grows as we do. There are a lot of themes of finding and losing love.


EY: You have been doing a lot of work to help Haiti, how has that been for you, and what was it like to go there and see firsthand what was going on?

S: I just got back from a week mission trip to Haiti and it was a life changing thing. The girls and I have been on mission trips in the past, but it has been about 10 years since our last one! I was so excited to be able to go and help in anyway that my team and I could. I also sponsor a little girl down there and i was able to meet her, which was a beautiful thing. It was crazy to see the devastation from the earthquake, but amazing to see how much a community can change by focusing on changing one life at a time.

A: We have been supporting a town in the south of Haiti called Jacmel for five years through an organization close to our hearts called Conduit Mission. Literally feeding over 300 children a week, sending hundreds to school, and supporting families in need. Sarah was able to go just last month and I’m going in December to help distribute Christmas gifts! What has been beautiful to see is how our fans have supported the people of Haiti alongside us!


EY: What was it like performing in Europe, and is there any other place you’d like to perform?

S: AMAZING!! We had always wanted to go to Europe and it was just incredible. We have toured there 3 times now, and hopefully will be back again! I personally have always dreamt of going to Australia, and also would love to tour in Japan! 8)


EY: Where do you see ‘EVERLIFE’ in the future?

A: We have always seen our band as constantly changing and evolving…We hope to continue to make music that inspires whoever may hear!


For more information visit EVERLIFE’s official pages:





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