‘Raise a glass’ for Pink’s new song

On November 16, Pink managed to release another amazing album.

Greatest Hits…So Far!!!,” is the singer’s sixth album. It is a combination of her old songs like “Get the Party started,” as well as some new songs. “Raise Your Glass,” is the most talked about song and video on the album.

“Raise Your Glass” has become the national anthem for outcasts everywhere. In other words, young people are “raising their glasses” to her song.  The song lets people know that it is okay to be “wrong in all the right ways.” I agree 100 percent with the songs message. People don’t, nor should they, feel they have to fit in. Like I always say in my vlogs, it is much more fun to stick out then it is to fit in.

If you’re the black sheep at home or school, check out “Raise Your Glass.”


Source: YouTube

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