Kazha – “a young band with great potential”

Kazha is a rock band hailing from Tokyo and Los Angeles. They’re “a young band with great potential, combining the softness of a falling feather with the heaviness of a hurricane”. With big tours coming up in the new year, along with a new single, Kazha hopes to take their music far beyond expectations.

If you have doubts, then visit their myspace page to hear the music, and check out the interview below for more details:


1. Who are the members in the band?

Singer Kazuha Oda, guitarist Hideki Matsushige, bassist Zen Takamura and drummer Masaya Kondo.


2. How did you meet each other?

Mainly through the internet 8)

3. Where are you from originally?

We are all originally from Japan. Made in Japan ❤


4. When did you decide that you wanted to start a band?

We decided to start Kazha in December 2008. But we all have been playing in a band since 12 or 13 years old.


5. How would you describe your musical style?

Rock… 8)


6. What inspires your lyrics?

Family, friends and life itself.


7. Oda how does your music in Kazha differ from the music you released as a solo artist?

I have been expressing whatever comes out from me naturally so I choose not to say that the music I do now is different from the ones before. But with Kazha, I have friends who can create music and seek the future together, so I believe that it gives me more strength than the solo project.


8. What is the concept behind your album “Overture”, and how is it different from your “Breathe through your Dreams” EP?

We wanted to introduce our selves. And it is only the small part of our music so I put the title”Overture”.

The concept is Soft and Heavy. I think we tried to be neutral in a way because we wanted lots of people to listen.

The reason we released the EP in Japan is just because we weren’t going to release album in Japan for a while. So there aren’t much difference in between.


9. You have toured Japan, Korea and the U.S, which was your favorite place and why?


Because it’s a huge country! We’ve drove through over 25 states…and it almost felt like we were touring all over the world.


10. What other places would you like to tour?

Especially where we have our fan… Germany, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Poland, France, Canada, Australia, Romania, Ukraine and more!


11. What’s next for Kazha?

We’ll soon release a single version of one of the songs from “Overture”. Oh, and some bigger tours coming up from the next year!

Thank you very much for having us for the interview 8)


For information about Kazha, visit their official pages:





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