There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

My love for men in uniform was further reinforced earlier this week. There were some renovations being done at the library and as such, I expected to see toned, hardworking men with construction uniforms going on about their business.  What I saw almost killed my men in uniform are fwiiiine spirit.

To begin with,  I was merrily greeted by a short man, in a yellow hat with sparkling teeth and blue overalls. That’s all I cared to notice. I mean, his lack of height just did it in for me. Nonetheless, I politely said hello and quickly went about finding a quiet spot in the library to study. I was not trying to engage him in any type of conversation.

The deafening noise from the ongoing construction plus my irritability from lack of sleep, heightened by the disappointment of fwwwine construction men in sight had a correlation to my shortening concentration span.  From time to time, when held up at the library I do like to see some eye candy.  Who doesn’t? It helps in understanding difficult concepts. True story! lol

The shortage forced me to concentrate on my initial goal. Reading!  A couple of hours into redefining the term studying hard and ignoring deafening noise from the construction work, it happened! What did?  The librarian on duty summoned the construction supervisor to show him some dust that was collecting at the far end of the library due to his hardworking men doing their job. He was old, no need to go into details!  He called one of his staff to clean up the dust. In walked the finest thang I ever saw. My gosh…..there is always a light at the end of of a very dark tunnel

My knight in shining blue overalls, yellow cap, bulging biceps, dusty-hardy shoes, gorgeous smile 6foot plus armor walked in. Armed with the cutest smile ever, ready to impress his boss! I mean the impress part is exaggerated, but who cares. My heart stopped! It was the manna  I had been waiting for the entire time to drop from heaven.

My eyes remained glazed on this gorgeous creature.  I made it a point for him to know I was looking and appreciating the view! As he passed by my reading table, he took of his hat and tipped it in my direction. Wow! A gentleman to say the least.  There was no talk between us, but there was definitely acknowledgement on both parties.

He absolutely made my day and my studying even better. He was my light at the end of the tunnel.

Ladies, if you see a construction man, a fwiiiine one…whistle!!! Yes, whistle!!!

Happy sightings!

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