Traveling T-shirt

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Your old T-shirt, made in China, bought in America, re-sold in Africa is the treasure I am talking about! It’s amazing how globally interconnected we have become.

The world wide web is one of the systems in place that has ensured for this connectedness. But you would be amazed how a simple piece of clothing, I now call it the mighty T-shirt, has played a huge role in uniting two countries, two continents apart.

From the U.S. to Zambia, watch the “T-shirt Travels”, a PBS documentary.  A documentary about how a simple T-shirt sheds light on global issues such as slavery, colonialism, globalization, free market systems or lack thereof . In essence, this documentary examines impacts of the aforementioned issues through the lens of the ‘mighty T-shirt’.

*Additional facts*:

Zambia  is country located in the Southern horn of Africa. Lusaka is the capital city.  It is home to the impressive Victoria Falls.

These additional facts are intended for readers who just see huts, war, disease and poverty in Africa. There’s so much more than the media will ever bring to your attention!!!!

Happy watchings.

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