Elle & Blair: Sisters of Beauty

Meet Elle & Blair Fowler, two sisters living in Los Angeles that have become somewhat like beauty consultants through their videos on YouTube. These enthusiastic sisters have a love and passion for the beauty industry that goes beyond appearances.

Check out the exclusive interview below for more details:

EY: Where in the US are you girls from?

Right now we live in Los Angeles, CA, but we were born and raised in the south.

EY: What inspired you to upload YouTube videos about beauty?

We were bored one summer and spent all of our time researching anything fashion or beauty on the internet.  We came across the beauty community on YouTube and became so intrigued with it!  We had friends who wore makeup and cared about their appearance, but none who really understood our love and passion for the industry.  When we found the beauty community, it was like finding a group of people who loved what you loved.  It was a group of built-in friends!  We decided we should do our own videos, and that was probably the best decision we ever made.

EY: Did you receive any form of training before?

Nope! Our mom had taught us some things, and when we would go to the makeup counters we would ask more questions than the typical girl.  We just wanted to learn everything we could and soak it all in.  But no, we never had any professional training.

EY: You both showcase a lot of positivity in your videos, where does that motivation come from?

I guess we’re just happy people!  We’ve had a very fortunate life and we don’t take that for granted.  We both realize that we should try our best to go through life happy, because this is the only one we get, so we’ve got to make it count!

EY: Were you expecting to receive that much feedback, and have you received any opportunities after releasing your videos?

Of course not!  When we got our first views we were flabbergasted!  We were just two girls in our bedrooms doing videos about how to put on eyeshadow.  We had no idea what kind of response we would get, let alone how amazing the response would be.  We have received some awesome opportunities because of it, like we’ve both been showcased in some magazines, and we’ve gotten to work with some of our favorite brands like Sears and Marshalls.  We’re very happy with where this has taken us.

EY: Elle, what is your major in college, and how did it feel working at Seventeen Magazine as an intern?

My major in college was Communications with an emphasis on law. Originally I was pre-law before I got into YouTube, but then I fell in love with the beauty industry and decided that’s where I wanted to be. I loved working at Seventeen Magazine as an intern. It was the best internship I could have asked for, and helped make for an amazing summer in NYC.

EY: You both stated that you make videos for fun but have you considered pursuing a career in it as well?

As of now it’s something that we really just enjoy doing, and if people keep watching our videos… we’ll keep putting them up!

EY: Blair, what are your plans after finishing high school?

College, definitely. Right now I’m looking at a few different ones around the LA area.  But I’m going to keep up with my YouTube channel as well.  It will be a little bit of a struggle, but I can do it.

EY: Have you ever made videos about fashion?

Yes!  We do lots of fashion hauls as well as videos like “top 3 fall trends.”  Fashion is more away from our comfort zone than beauty, but it’s an aspect of the industry we’re interested in and are trying to incorporate it more into our channels.


EY: Why did you both start another channel and how do they differ from each other?

We both have our second channels or “vlog” channels because we wanted a place where we could put up random videos that didn’t have anything to do with beauty or fashion.  We love sitting down in front of our camera and just talking about our day, but we felt we needed another outlet to put those up on.  Volia!  Another channel was born.

EY: Provide us with five beauty products that girls should always have in their purses?

Lip Gloss, Concealer, Powder, Eyeliner & Mascara.

EY: What’s next for you ladies?

As of now, we’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing and see where it can take us!

For more information about Elle & Blair, visit their official links:


Elle’s YouTube

Elle’s Twitter

Blair’s YouTube

Blair’s Twitter


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9 thoughts on “Elle & Blair: Sisters of Beauty

  1. WOW! I’ve watched a few tutorials of both Elle and Blair and they’re so beautiful, sweet, and talented! I really appreciate them for all the hard effort that they’ve put to be where they are today and have so much respect for them. They deserve all the success they have today! 🙂

  2. Well I thought this was a fabulous article, & I think Elle and Blair are to be admired for pursuing something they are passionate about, doing something they love and enjoy, & being so successful at it! They also come across as very intelligent, really friendly girls who have a lot of ambitions, & many more strings to their bows than their Youtube channels!

    I really enjoyed finding out more about Blair & Elle, and hearing about their success from their perspective! I think they are really sweet girls with a fantastic attitude, determination & passion for life & the things they love! For my part, I’m wishing these girls every success!

    Fantastic article!! xoxo

  3. I really don’t think these girls are sending a good message to young viewers.

    I mean to get plastic surgery just to be successful and to go under the knife in your teens?

    They are very materialistic and basically go shopping and oh yeah, I guess high school wasn’t raking in the dough so that had to go too.


    1. I dont think you understand what they do… their blogs are not about plastic surgery, but about fashion and beauty (including eating healthy and doing exercise) and they also talk about helping people with needs… it’s not about materialism and you cant be more wrong about what you said about high school…

      (please be a little bit informed when you give an oppinion)

  4. I can’t believe they said Sears was one of their favorite brands. That is a lie. They mentioned them like once when Sears paid them to. They have never mentioned them before or after that. They have never done a Sears or Marshalls “haul” unless they were paid to. As a matter of fact I don’t think they have ever done a fashion haul unless the “haul”/Advertisement was from a company that paid them to advertise their product and pretend it is just a “haul”.
    These girls channels are over 50% paid advertisements. They run an infomercial channel on youtube thats about it so it reallyt is amazing that they have had all those other opportunities. I have never heard of an infomercial specialist doing some of the things they have so that is pretty shocking and amazing.

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