Elle & Blair’s ’10 Quickies’

Elle & Blair Fowler have built a home among the beauty community on YouTube. These sisters have been uploading videos which focuses on their opinions on beauty and fashion. For them, making their own videos was probably the best decision they made.

Read the ’10 quickies’ below to the see their responses and learn a little bit more about their personalities:

1. What is your one-line positive thinking mantra?

Elle: “All you need is a little glambition!” I love this quote so much. It feels very “Girl Power”.

Blair: “This old world we’re living in is mighty hard to beat. You get a thorn with every rose, but ain’t the roses sweet?”  This is a quote I came across when I was 14 and I still live by it.  You can interpret it different ways, but I like to think of it every time I want something, but it seems too hard to reach.  I remember this and know that you may have to go through a little bad, but you’ll get a lot of good from it.

2. Describe your personality?

BlairOutgoing.  Bubbly.  Girly.  Happy.

ElleNight owl, Happy, Loyal, Feminine.


3. What practices have you adopted that have led to a healthier lifestyle?

Elle: I eat healthy foods, and I try to drink lots of water. I believe in taking care of myself both inside and out. I also try to laugh a lot, and whenever I get stressed out I believe bubble baths are just the thing.

Blair: Not to take myself too seriously, love lots and laugh often.

4. The world is going green, have you embraced the trend?

Elle: I definitely think about trying to be more green, for example: not printing off every little thing from the internet, trying to save paper. I also turn lights off and make sure I’m not using more energy than I need. I think for the bigger lifestyle changes I haven’t quite made it there yet, but am working towards being more green!

BlairI like to think I’ve embraced it more than I really have.  I’m definitely conscious of it and do my part with the little things, like turning off the water while I’m brushing my teeth and not leaving my curling iron plugged in when I’m not using it.  I wish I could just ride my bike everywhere and not pollute the world with my car.  Maybe I should do that!!!!! I should go 1 month with only my bike to get around in LA!  That would be an interesting month….


5. Provide us with a few tips and tricks for holistic (healthy, eco) living?

BlairLike I said above, the water and unplugging things when you’re not using them (even if they’re off!)  Make sure you turn the lights off when you leave a room, too.

Elle: I just try to do little things to make a difference, like turning a light off when I leave the room to save on energy. Every little bit helps, and it’s so simple to do!


6. Describe your fashion style?

Blair: Girly, fun, and trendy.

Elle: Rocker Chic, definitely! Very girly, lots of jewelry, that kind of thing.


7. How do you unwind after a long week?

Elle: That’s an easy one! I grab a good book, and then settle down in a bubble bath.

BlairTake a nice long bath with either a bath bomb or bubble bath, and read a fun book.


8. What empowers you?

Elle: Like Blair, family is so important and keeps us strong and motivated to work hard. So does our YouTube community. It’s a great feeling, knowing that what you’re saying is making a difference in someone’s life – even something as simple as makeup. I like helping girls feel beautiful inside and out – that’s what empowers me.

BlairKnowing that I’m in this together with my sister. My family is such a source of strength for me and Elle and is what keeps us motivated and driven. Also our YouTube community. The girls are all so inspiring, and knowing that I also have an impact on their lives makes me feel empowered.


9. What is your favorite cuisine?

BlairRight now, I’m really into Greek food!  But I love all types.

Elle: Sushi!! I could live off of it.


10. How do you creatively express yourself?

Elle: I think I best express myself through makeup. I would love to be a skilled painter – beautiful landscapes or something like that – but makeup is my version. My videos are my creative outlet, and that’s why I am so passionate about them.

Blair: I think the #1 way I creatively express myself is through my videos.


For more information on Elle & Blair, visit their pages:

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Blair’s Twitter

4 thoughts on “Elle & Blair’s ’10 Quickies’

  1. I really don’t think these girls are sending a good message to young viewers.

    I mean to get plastic surgery just to be successful and to go under the knife in your teens?

    They are very materialistic and basically go shopping and oh yeah, I guess high school wasn’t raking in the dough so that had to go too.


    1. What do you mean plastic surgery? Where in this interview is plastic surgery discussed? I don’t seem to recall this at all and don’t remember either girl discussing it. How are they materialistic? They enjoy shopping for clothes, they like bath and beauty products I don’t see how that makes them bad role models. I don’t understand your comment ” I guess high school wasn’t raking in the dough so that had to go too.”. What do you mean it had to go, both girls have completed high school and blair was home schooled for her senior year so she could move in with her sister. As a sixteen year old blair was going to school and working two jobs. Please explain to me how either of these girls make bad role models I didn’t realize “basically going shopping” made you a bad role model or sent out a bad message to young girls.

      1. I agree with Amy. These girls may seem materialistic from afar, but take a step forward and look at their lives. They juggle two different lives: one online and one for real. They have to devote their time to their beauty as well as their fans and at-home lives. Neither of them have ever mentioned being pro plastic surgery. I’ve watched almost all their videos. Materialistic? They’re young girls! Of course they’re going to shop and spend money! They make it, they deserve to spend it however they want to! As Amy said, both girls technically finished school. If it was college you meant by “school” then I must say that not everybody goes to college. I believe these girls can make money off of their beauty talents, speech skills, and regular jobs for a long while. They tell girls they are beautiful as well as teaching them the dos and don’ts of beauty to help them grasp the knowledge of bringing the inner beauty out. I would learn more about these girls or at least look at life from their point of view before taking the type to say something such as that.

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