How do you know when he/she’s the ‘one’?

How do you know when the person you’re dating is the ‘one’, meaning, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? This question is often asked by people who have been dating for a while, and sometimes even by people who are already married. The truth is you can never be too sure; you meet someone, you fall inlove, and you feel like that person is your everything, but sometimes it doesn’t work out well.

Everyone has their own ways of figuring out if the person they’re dating is the right one for them: he/she gets along great with family and friends, there’s nothing you want to change about them, they’re good listeners, or there is no fear in the thought of commitment to them, etc.

In my opinion, if you’re with someone that has all the above qualities and a lot more, then he/she is right for you. Just stay committed to each other and work hard to maintain happiness within the relationship and it will definitely last.

What do you guys think, how do you know when someone is right for  you?

One thought on “How do you know when he/she’s the ‘one’?

  1. I think its whenever you see them your heart skips a beat, or u feel butterfly in your stomach and you both feel comfortable around each other and can talk to each other casually and are only interested in each other life/personality than the appearance of the person!

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