Artists Have To Sexify Their Music To Make It Sell?

A question that has always been on my mind for years: why do artists sexify themselves in order to sell music? Females show a lot of skin in barely there outfits, and perform provocative dance moves, while the males sing about sex, sex, and more sex.

Is that what a musician have to do in order to become a “superstar” so to speak? Is that why artists like Vivian Green, Heather Headley and Jazmine Sullivan are underrated, because they are more ‘conservative’?

Over the years, quite a few artists have stopped using conscious lyrics and have done songs more about that topic. I swear Trey Songz’ entire “Pleasure, Pain, Passion” album is about sex. What happened to the songs he used to make about love, life, and all the other stuff? Vivian Green sings about appreciating women, and acknowledging their beauty, but does she get love from the industry? not with that kind of music.

The term ‘sex sells’ is often used when making decisions regarding a music/entertainment career in general. It’s not just in the United States either, it’s right across the globe. Musicians around the world, especially females, are ‘sexifying’ themselves in order to gain more exposure in the industry. Makes me wonder, is it somewhat of a psychological appeal to fans (particularly males), causing a stimulation that drives them to purchase their music? mmm…I wonder!

I’m not saying they should all be conservative, it’s alright to want to look sexy and confident, but just don’t overdue it.

What do you guys think about this “sex sells” motto in the industry?

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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