Barry Southgate creates ‘a bed of harmonies’

Singer, songwriter and performer Barry Southgate is a multi-talented artist based in Australia. “An ordinary man, living a not-so ordinary life”, Barry is working hard to bring a feel-good pop sound fusing together with soul, to music lovers around the globe.

Barry Southgate is more than just an entertainer; he does his best in giving back as well, wherever and whenever he can. With a new single and his first EP released, Barry hopes to get his music into the ears and hands of as many people as possible.

Check out his latest single “Don’t You Think?” below, and read the interview for more details about this amazingly talented artist!


EY: Thanks for doing the interview Barry. We really appreciate it! Where are you from originally?

BS: My pleasure, thanks for having me! I’m originally from Cape Town, South Africa.

EY: What was the transition like, moving from South Africa, to New Zealand, and now living in Australia?
BS: It was kinda tough moving from to New Zealand actually, because for one, it’s a lot smaller. Leaving all your family and friends behind for an island… it was bit of a culture shock (haha…). But man, thank God we did. The move to Australia was a lot easier though, it reminded me a lot of Cape Town actually. Bigger, faster, more multicultural...

EY: When did you realize you wanted to pursue music, and who are some of the influences you’d say had a huge impact on you?

BS: There was always music playing in the house and I’ve always loved music. My first memory of recording actually, was back in South Africa. I’d spend hours in my room, using one of those double-deck tape players to record my voice from one cassette onto the other. That’s when I first kind of stumbled onto the fact you could record multiple you’s and create, like, a bed of harmonies. I remember being so stoked about it (haha…).

Later on in high school I told myself I’d be a psychological profiler in the FBI, even looked into the university courses. But that was more out of feeling I should do the normal, “responsible” thing. Deep down, I just wanted to sing.

Influences… Wow, there are so many. To name a few though, I’d say Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Michael Jackson, Richard Marxand Chicago.

EY: How would you describe your music, and what inspires your songs?

BS: I’d describe it as universal, feel-good Pop music with Soul. Commercial but stylistic… Inspiration comes from so many things for me. Sometimes the expected things like maybe a deep, personal experience, but then other times I’ll get hit with an idea while doing random stuff like hanging out laundry or going for a run (haha…). So lot’s of things.

EY: What is it like having the opportunity to write for other artists as well, particularly, writing for Hillsong, Paulini, Sasha-Lee, and Monrose?
BS: It’s amazing. As a songwriter, you constantly have new songs and ideas. And I think over time, you learn to distinguish which ones are for you and which are for other people. And it’s always so rewarding when those songs find an outlet.
I’ve written a couple of tunes for Hillsong, one of them being a Christmas one. My first mainstream placement was with a song called “Definition Of A Woman”, that both Sasha-Lee (South African Idols winner) and Monrose recorded the same year. I’m helping Aussie artist, Paulini, write for her next record.

EY: What is the concept behind the song “Don’t You Think?”

BS: It’s a playful metaphor of the cat-and-mouse games we play in love sometimes. This girl is kind of playing hard to get and the dude is basically saying, “I already have you…”. It’s just a real fun, summery song aye.

EY: Can you explain what the “Bring Change Somewhere” movement is all about?

BS: The BCS Movement is derived from my initials, BCS, but it’s also an acronym for “Bring Change Somewhere”.  I started it, because I think its important for people to realise no matter what circumstances they’re facing, or wherever they are geographically even, everyone has the ability to bring some kind of change, you know?  No action is too big or small, which is what makes it so practical and effective.

EY: How did you contribute to the “Rose of Sharon” orphanage in Harare, Zimbabwe, and what was the experience like for you being there?

BS: That was incredible… We bought some food for the orphanage, basic essentials like rice and maze, and unpacked it for them in their storehouse. We also got to spend time playing with the kids and cheering them on as they sang and danced for us. Man, it was so amazing aye… Seeing their tears of gratitude for the fact that people were just there visiting them… it was very overwhelming. Really impacted me.

EY: You’ve been to quite a few different places, which would you say was your favorite?

BS: Tough question! Almost feel like I’d be ripping off all the places I’ve been to that I don’t name (haha…). My favorite three though, if I had to choose, would be New York City, Rome & London.

EY: Are you planning any trips to the U.S anytime soon?

BS: Probably within the next six months or so, I think, yeah.

EY: What’s next for Barry Southgate, any other projects in the works?

BS: There are definitely other projects in the works, but the main project for me right now is hopefully getting this single and EP into the ears and hands of as many people possible 8)
For more information on Barry Southgate, visit his official pages:

3 thoughts on “Barry Southgate creates ‘a bed of harmonies’

  1. Awesome artist! Good beat, cool lyrics, love it. Really liked the single “Don’t you think?”…when is the album coming out?

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