Barry Southgate’s 10 Quickies

South African born Barry Southgate is doing his best in creating fresh and unique sound for music lovers everywhere. Now living in Australia, Barry is on the verge of reaching international stardom with his talents in singing and songwriting.

Check out his interesting answers to the ’10 quickies’ below, and get to know Barry Southgate a little better!

1.) What is your one-line positive thinking mantra?

–  Have faith and step out, ’cause you never know unless you try.

2.) Describe your personality?

– Happy, determined, driven, optimistic, hungry…

3.) What practices have you adopted that have led to a healthier lifestyle?

– Right now I combine a bit of P90X with some weight training, and just try and eat healthy. I love my food though, so that last part isn’t always easy (haha…).

4.) The world is going green, have you embraced the trend?

– To be honest, I could be a lot more conscious of that side of things. I try and recycle as much as possible though!

5.) Provide us with a few tips and tricks for holistic living?

– I’m really no guru on this. I just try and keep strong in all areas: spiritually, mentally and physically. And I find the last two areas benefit most when I’m strong in the first one.

6.) Describe your fashion style?

– Clean and classic with a bit edge.

7.) How do you unwind after a long week?

– Sleep. Haha. What I love to do at the end of a long week is spending quality time with great friends over some great food. Perfect.

8.) What empowers you?

– My faith and my goals.

9.) What is your favorite cuisine?

– I’m the biggest foodie ever, so this is possibly the hardest of all the questions you’ve asked me! I love all foods, but I do have a soft spot for soul-food. Like, fried chicken & waffles, candied yams, mac & cheese, topped off with some red velvet cake. Mmmm… Shout-out to Amy Ruth’s restaurant in Harlem (New York)!

10.) How do you creatively express yourself?

– The most personally satisfying creative outlet for me is music.

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3 thoughts on “Barry Southgate’s 10 Quickies

  1. Hi there! Love the first “quickie”! !…(Want to) but need lots of encouragement
    Though! 🙂
    Will do & take your advice… Their seems to be a trend
    Of this nature in your quotes!! (Haha) .,
    Yesterday I met an gentlemen who has travelled
    To soo many places! He really inspired me as well!
    Your articles, interviews, blogs featuring you life history..
    Are always interesting to read;)

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