Is Sex The Most Important Thing In Relationships?

Is sex really important in relationships, as in to make the relationship last? The truth is, it is an important aspect, but if it becomes the most important thing then the relationship won’t go too far. There are other things to building a lasting relationship and sex cannot be the only foundation.

The most important thing to build a relationship on is love and communication. Love is not the same as sex and will never be the same; ‘Making love’ with someone is not the same as having ‘sex’. If it’s just about sex then it becomes a physical thing with no meaning.

Truth be told, sex does contribute to intimacy and comfort. Couples can use sex to express themselves in a way words cannot describe. However, it is meaningless without the purity of love. The sexual pace in relationships can be hard to keep up with, that’s when you’ll need the love to keep everything together. Think about these two scenarios:

Scenario #1

you get involved with someone and all you do is have sex; you never communicate, never spend time together doing other things or learn more about each other’s personality. It’s just all about sex. Then one day, the spice is no longer hot, but rather becomes tasteless. It will never go well if there was no love to begin with; both will just drift apart.

Scenario #2

You meet someone. You start dating, sharing interests and spending lots of time together. You end up falling in love. After being together for sometime, the intimacy will be even greater because of the feelings behind it. The relationship is based on pure love.

In my opinion, sex is something that is to be enjoyed between each other, but should not be something that is extremely important. Relationships that are based on sex alone, rarely last.

What do you guys think about this issue, do you think sex is the most important thing in a relationship?

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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