You know what creeps me out, an old dude who looks like he could be Methuselah trying to talk to me. They usually approach you in the most well meaning and genteel manners, until they open their mouths and start spewing wowzers.

Usually, they sit by their lonesome in say a coffee shop pretending to read the newspaper; when really what they are doing is sightseeing. Sightseeing in a coffee shop? Trust me, if you think the greatest sightseeing is the Great Wall of China you’re missing out. Go to your local coffee shop and scope out the scenario of handsome and beautiful humankind seeping on some good old coffee. Nyhoo, when they spot their prey they gently approach them.

Without missing a beat, with a carefully rehearsed storyline that could make it to Hollywood, he launches. ‘Excuse me miss, would you happen to know where the train station is?’ Caught up in the ‘awww , God bless his heart’ moment you kindly give him directions. In a shaky voice that belies the creepy demons sermoning him, he further continues and tells you of his memory relapse issues that have him forgetting familiar streets.  When you are little, you are advised to not talk to strangers, please take heed to this advice even when you are an adult. He is just an old man. Yeah right!

Out of sympathy, you decide to play the Good Samaritan and get up to go outside to point out the directions physically. Woe unto you! From the time you get up to the time you go outside, the cod is caught up lusting.  Once your outside, he forgets his original mission and starts getting real familiar.  ‘Your accent is beautiful, where is it from’?  Heaven! I mean, really COD? That is your cue to end this Hollywood movie.

I have absolutely nothing against old dudes, but if you are creepy and your intentions are to find as they usually put it a friend we are going to have problems!

Random post#1. More to come! Enjoy

Happy COD less moments!


  1. embraceyou10 // December 6, 2010 at 6:23 pm // Reply

    These COD’s are on a whole other level!

  2. I thought it was just me! It happens at work and don’t get me wrong I was taught to respect my elders but when you’re old enough to be my grandfather trying to ask me on a date no offense I’m sorry but uh I can’t go!

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