Charlie Browne’s ‘Putting It On Everything’

Charlie Browne is a London born Soul, Urban Pop singer, songwriter and producer. He keeps his music commercial and current, but always with a real soulful edge to everything he creates. Charlie has written alongside many musical talents in the industry, and it’s his unique approach that sets him apart from the rest.

With a mixtape out, and a debut album on the way, Charlie Browne is a name that will definitely secure its place in the music industry. You can put that on everything!

Check out our exclusive interview with Charlie below, and be sure to support his music.

EY: What was it like growing up in London?

CB: I grew up in a Suburb of South London, so about 30 minutes away from the madness of everything in the centre of town. I loved it, and still do. I love the mixture of people and cultures that we have here. During the summer, London is my favourite place in the world to be!! For the rest of the year it could do with raining a litttle less though! =)


EY: When did you decide you wanted to become a singer?

CB: One birthday as a kid, I was given SWV’s album “It’s about time” as well as a BoyzIIMen album. I listened to them back to back every day. I read the album sleeves back to back too, lol. I knew every lyric, every producer, every co-writer. I was really geeky about that kind of stuff. That was the year I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life.


EY: Who are some of your influences?

CB: Stevie Wonder is my ultimate role model and influence as a musician! Other current artists and vocalists that I really look up to are people like Ryan Tedder, Brandy & John Legend.


EY: How would you describe your music, and what inspires your lyrics?

CB: I think my music is soulful, urban pop. I keep it commercial and current which is why I call it pop, but I definitely always keep a real soulful edge to everything I do. Lyrically I’m inspired by pretty much everything around me. Sometimes real life events from my own experience inspire me to write, or sometimes things that have happened to other people. I like putting myself in other peoples shoes and trying to write from their perspectives.


EY: How did it feel to sign a publishing deal with internationally known talent manager and producer Simon Fuller?

CB: It was crazy. At the time, I didn’t even know what a publishing deal was. I just remember my manager calling me and telling me he’d had a bunch of offers from different companies that wanted to sign me as a writer. I met with a few of them, and then decided Simon’s company ‘19 songs’ was the right way forward for me. Being part of his roster of writers at such a young age was amazing for me. It opened up a lot of doors and enabled to me to travel to so many cool places and work with amazing producers, topliners and artists.


EY: What was it like working with Jay Sean, The Script, and Wiley?

CB: Writing on Jay Sean’s first album was great for me! At the time he was one of the only artists in the UK doing R&B, so it was such a great project to get in on. I was writing with a producer friend of mine, Rishi Rish. He and Jay worked closely together and Rish was the one that introduced the two of us and got the collaboration happening.

I met Mark and Danny from ‘The Script’ in Canada on a writing trip. This was years before they formed the band, and were working as songwriters. They were a lot of fun to work with and I learnt a massive amount from them in the short time we got to work together! They were some of the first songwriters. I’d collaborated with at that point, before that I had only worked with producers who didn’t write lyrics. So it was great to watch and learn the way they put lyrics together and created stories with every one of their songs.

Wiley is my favourite UK rapper; I’d been a fan for a long time before I met him, so to get the opportunity to work with him was amazing. He’s been one of my biggest supporters in the UK and we’ve collaborated on a few things recently which hopefully you guys will all get to hear very soon!!


EY: You’ve also worked with producer/songwriter Wayne Rodrigues in Los Angeles, how was it creating music with him?

CB: Wayne is awesome! Hands down my favourite producer I’ve ever worked with! As soon as we met, we sparked a great creative chemistry and the songs I’ve written with him are really the songs that have carved out my identity as an artist. He’s helped me create a sound and a feeling on the album that is cohesive and feels honest and true to who I am and where I’m from musically. I’m a big believer in fate and I feel like that meeting was defintely supposed to happen and was part of a bigger plan.


EY: So how do you like Los Angeles, and is there a different vibe that you get there that differs from when you’re home in London?

CB: I love Los Angeles. It couldn’t be any more different from London, and I think that’s why I work so well out there. It takes me so far away from everything at home, so I feel like I have the space to write from a completely different place inside myself. L.A is like an escape for me, a complete change of scene. Don’t get me wrong, I love London, but there’s a lot to be said for getting away and allowing yourself to be in a completely different head space when you write and record. The sunshine helps too!!

EY: What is the concept behind “Put that on Everything”, and which is your favourite song on the mixtape?

CB: ‘Put that on everything’ is about reaching that point with someone when you want them to count on you for everything. You wanna be able to be their everything.

My favorite song on there is probably ‘Free Man’. I love the vibe of it. I wrote it when I was feeling really trapped in a relationship and just wanted out! It’s all about that moment when you realise that you can actually leave whenever you want, nothing’s holding you back, and you kind of ‘allow’ yourself to mentally let go of everything and move on.


EY: When are you planning on releasing your debut album?

CB: 2011 is gonna be the year for my album. Between now and summer is gonna be all about doing the ground work and getting singles ready for release etc, and then towards the end of the year, I wanna drop the album.


EY: Which artist would you absolutely love to write or produce for and why?

CB: John Legend because he has one of the most amazing tones as a singer, and has a realness about him when he sings and writes that I really look up to. Female wise, it would be Robyn. I think she’s such a great lyricist and her style is fresh and unique!


EY: Do you have any plans on performing in the U.S anytime soon?

CB: I’ll be performing out there the first chance I get! =) You guys will be the first to  know.


EY: What’s next for Charlie Browne?

CB: It’s a really exciting time for me right now. I’m in the process of getting new management in place and getting the action plan for 2011 together. I have a great body of work ready for the album, which I’ll probably build on a little more over the course of the year with Wayne and some other producers/writers we have in mind. Shows, videos, single releases, and then finally the album! =)


For information on Charlie, visit his official pages:



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