Random#2: Expensive Winter Jackets + People Watching

Do you people watch? Yes?! No?! If you don’t, you sure are missing out on a lot of free entertainment. Forget tuning into your favorite show on T.V. go to the mall, take the bus (highly recommended for what should be obvious reasons by now), the train (especially in the NYC)!

Took a hike to the mall in search of a reasonably priced winter jackets. First stop, Macy’s! The jackets were maaad expensive! The Northface brand was retailing at a jaw dropping $200+.  Calvin Klein’s were retailing at a slightly ‘better’ rate of $120+.  I happen to be brand blind, but couldn’t help sampling out these two ASTRONOMICALLY priced jackets made in China? (Calvin and Northface reps do not contact me.

I assume everything is manufactured there! If you want better representation on this site, LOWER your prices …..>insert smileyface). Entered Charlotte Rouse, and was more than excited when the sales assistant answered in the affirmative, to my query of carrying winter jackets. Sauntered to the very back of the store, where I found $25 priced winter jackets that could have easily been replicas of my shirts. They were so lightweight, I wondered what winter shielding they were going to be doing for anybody.

Every other store, that I went to either had a ridiculously priced winter jacket or questionable price point ($25? umm…). At this point I’d just had it! Pissed and tired of shopping around, I decided to people watch. What better way to relieve your stress.

At the food court, I identified my ‘victim’.  A foiiine, chocolate, well booted and suited, looking like he just stepped out of a GQ photo shoot brother. To tell you my spirits were raised, there and then would be an understatement. I strategically sat diagonally across from this foiiine creature to get a good sight.  A couple of minutes into my victim watching, his friends came by.  One of them had a Djimon Honsou thing going on, and he was equally suited up! I mean these brothers, were on to some serious business. The Honsou look alike kept glancing at me, and I in turn acknowledged by flashing a Colgate white smile that had him grinning to! For a minute minute I felt like I was watching a scene straight out of ‘SoulFood’.  Snap out of that zone! They left, and I continued my solo watching.

Next, a couple that look liked they came straight from Russia came by. The wife had an irritated look on her face, and the husband ‘I could give two hoots about your irritations woman” face. Tension is the best word to describe these two.  Mrs. Irritation left her husband to order Chinese for them and sat herself at the tables nearby.  I almost burst out laughing at the scene that unfolded next. She carefully started setting up the table as if it were a formal dining, carefully placing napkins and plastic forks and spoons. Her poor husband, came bearing good gifts (Chinese food) and mistakenly reset the table! Woe unto him!!!!! WWIII, erupted.  His oh so proper wife, started cussing him out, and that folks was when I exited!!

Happy people watching and buying expensive winter jackets (smh!)

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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