Natasha Bedingfield CD Giveaway

Strip Me

It’s been three months since ‘EMBRACE YOU‘ started,  and we would like to do a giveaway to thank our readers for the support so far. We are giving away Natasha Bedingfield‘s latest album “Strip Me” to one of our lucky readers.

Here’s how to enter:

*Subscribe to EY and Comment under this post, telling us what you like aboutEMBRACE YOUand what you would like to see more of in the new year.

Remember, we will be selecting only ONE winner for this giveaway, so be sure to write something that stands out.

Entries will be closed on December 17, and the winner will be notified by e-mail, and announce on December 18. Please keep in mind if we do not receive a response within 24 hours, another person will be given the prize.

Good luck & thanks for EMBRACING us!!

One thought on “Natasha Bedingfield CD Giveaway

  1. When I found your website I was really thrilled because you cover topics from all over the world! Topics I am interested in, too. I particularly love that you feature Asian and Kpop artists as well as Bollywood artists. I’ve been into the Asian scene for almost ten years now (and I was actually Googling something about Kpop when I found your website) so this especially excites me. Not only are your articles interesting, but you choose a lot of really good ones! I was really interested in Aishwarya Rai after I read the recent article you posted about her. I even researched her and found out that she was in one of my favorite movies, The Pink Panther 2, AND she sang for a few of her movies! I’m actually loving “Kajra Re” a lot, so thanks for not only getting me into a new actress but giving me some new music to listen to. I really enjoy your articles of the Asian and Bollywood variety very much and I hope you continue to do more of them in the coming year. Thanks so much and have very happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

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