Bedroom Buddy

A ‘bedroom buddy’ is someone you meet up with for the sole purpose of having sex with them. There are no strings attached; no emotions, or any sentimental stuff, just pure pleasure. In other words, a ‘sex buddy’.

In my opinion, having a bedroom buddy is something most men tend to lean towards. Women on the other hand can make it complicated and bring emotions into such a situation, and it usually doesn’t end well. I wonder, does having a bedroom buddy mean protecting yourself from getting hurt, by locking your feelings away and disallowing yourself from falling in love?

Meeting up with your bedroom buddy is just for part-time and will never be a long-term thing because usually someone starts developing feelings. So is such a casual thing right for you? Often people find that a bedroom buddy is extremely good at love making but a disaster in having a serious relationship. In such a situation, both the individuals need the understanding that they are not committed to each other, than the relationship is totally open. Both can date other people outside, and usually carry on this part-time activity until finding a more compatible person they want to date full-time.

Often times men and women have this kind of thing on the side while being married or seriously dating someone else. In such cases, it is probably because they want to try different things.

A bedroom buddy is often times the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, your best friend, or just an acquaintance. Personally, I disagree with such a thing and discourage people from partaking in such a complicated relationship. However, many are indulging in it to find a relief from their stress, and to satisfy their intense need or desire.

What do you guys think about this, do you agree with having a bedroom buddy?

Share your positive thoughts, not your animosity!!

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