Kayna Samet’s “Yema”

The beautiful and talented French singing sensation Kayna Samet, has released the music video for her latest single ‘Yema‘. The song will be included on her upcoming album “Jeunes & Libres (Young & Free)”, to be released on April 11, 2011 (a bit far but oh well).

Though a French song, you can still feel Kayna’s passion pulling you in with every note she sings. The middle eastern melodies are also well harmonized by the featured artist Indila.

Check out the music video, and the English translation below to see exactly what I’m talking about:


English Translation:


Yema, I’m so afraid Heaven drives us apart
Yema, it shakes my heart when I get back home every night
Yema, you told me, my days would be better there
Yema, oh I’m missing you
Yema, I can see again the look you had when I walked out the door
The night when I sailed across the sea to the coast
And you, you who have always prayed for me
Out of sight but not out of mind, I’ll come back

Yema, memories come back and squeeze my throat
Yema, each new day, I’ve got you under my skin
Yema, don’t forget I love you even far away from you

Yema, I’ve made my own way, thanks to you
Yema, like a dream vanished into the cold
Yema, I’m trying to be strong without you
But when night falls
I live all those cheerful times
That smile fixed on your face
That scent of jasmine on your fingers
And I think the best years of my life
Remained behind me
I’m missing you, Yema


Yema, those words are between you and me*
I’ll sail back to say or write to you
Those words on the sand

Out of sight but not out of mind, I’ll come back


Far away from you…


for more on Kayna, visit her official facebook

One thought on “Kayna Samet’s “Yema”

  1. I’m a big fan of French music and I just love this song. Middle Eastern-influenced songs are always a plus in my book!

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