Seo In Young’s “Into The Rhythm”

Seo In Young (former member of popular Kpop group Jewelry) has released her latest single and music video “Into The Rhythm” off her new album “Ellythm“.

In Young is definitely a stylish lady and she incorporates that into the music video. The song is pretty catchy and has a cool beat to it. However, I don’t feel like it sets apart from the usual, and I feel like the song will get lost among the similar trend now going on in the Kpop arena (electro pop, with a lot of auto-tune).

Check out the music video below:

If you’re a Kpop or Seo In Young fan, be sure to support her music and purchase it from

One thought on “Seo In Young’s “Into The Rhythm”

  1. I’m so glad she’s back, I’ve been a fan of her since her Jewelry days. All of her releases are really good, especially her last full album, Elly Is So Hot. I had that album on repeat for a long time. This song.. I can’t get as into it as I did her others and I’m not sure if I necessarily love it or not, but I do like it!

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