EPICA: A Place In The Musical Universe


EPICA is a dutch Symphonic Metal band from the Netherlands.  With the incorporation of an orchestra and choir mixing together with their sound, EPICA creates dynamic, melodic, and powerful music like no other. This band has already been rocking out shows in Europe, and now they’re hoping to conquer the rest of the world.

EPICA has been on a North American tour promoting their album “Design Your Universe“, so if you’re in the states and a huge fan of talented Rock bands with fresh music, be sure to check out EPICA live. For details on the band’s tour dates, visit their official website.

Check out their music video for “Unleashed” below, and of course, read Simone Simons exclusive interview to learn more about EPICA:

EY: How did you guys meet, and what is the meaning behind the name EPICA?

Simone: Epica is a place in the universe where you can find the answers to the questions of life. It fits our lyrical topics very well.

Mark and I knew each other already from 2002, back when he was still in After Forever. Mark knew Coen and Ad from working with them in the past. Coen once auditioned for the keyboarder of AF and Ad played in a support band that played with After Forever. Ad is not in the band anymore since 2 years and our very first drummer left the band about 4.5 years ago. Isaac and Arien were on the same music school as Coen.

EY: What is the rock scene like in the Netherlands?

Simone: There are a lot of good bands coming from the Netherlands. You have The Gathering, After Forever (ReVamp), Within Temptation, Delain and many more. We have a very lively music scene and lots of concerts throughout the whole country. Epica does play a lot in the Netherlands and we have a solid fan base over there.

EY: Describe the musical style of the band?

Simone: I would describe it as ‘Symphonic Metal’. Orchestra and choir do play a big role in our music. It’s very melodic, dynamic and powerful.

EY: On your debut album “The Phantom Agony”, the song “Façade of Reality” was about the September 11 attacks. Can you briefly explain your feelings about that song?

Simone: That song was written by Mark. He is always very interested in politics, religion and society. He gets a lot of his inspiration out of it.  He tried to give an objective view about the happening and that he’s still curious about the truth behind it all.

EY: What was it like touring with the band Kamelot?

Simone: Kamelot is a very professional band and it is always fun for me to tour with them, as Oliver is my boyfriend and I get to sing ‘The Haunting‘.

EY: How did you guys feel when you headlined your first tour in North America in 2007, and what was the reception like compared to the reaction of fans in the Netherlands?

Simone: We love our America fans. In the bigger cities we pulled a lot of people. The US is huge, so you have to tour there for many times to get to the people. We already did a support tour with Kamelot and got good responses from the crowd. We are currently on our 5th USA tour and sold out 3 venues so far.

Personally, I have kind of bad memories about that tour because of severe health issues. It felt like I was more in the hospitals than on stage. It’s no fun being on tour when you are not well. I’ve had my fair share of it.

EY: Can you explain the concept of your fourth album “Design Your Universe”, and how would you describe the band’s growth since your first release, in regards to the music and lyrics?

Simone: Just to be clear, it is not a  concept album like ‘The Divine Conspiracy’.

There is a message behind the title itself; Try to realize your dreams and do not live your life according to other peoples views. Create your own destiny. Don’t be afraid of taking risks and failing. Always keep believing in yourself.

Besides this message, the lyrical topics of the other song go out to different directions.

EY: How have you managed to remain focus on your music with the changes in line-up throughout the years?

Simone: We have only become stronger due to our line up changes. Our new band members also contributed to Epica’s growth through the years. Isaac and Arien are great live performers and cool guys to hang out with.

EY: You guys are currently on tour promoting your latest album. How do you handle the excessive touring, and what keeps you motivated to perform?

Simone: As corny as it may sound, but our fans keep us going. Days on tour can be very long and tiresome, but when you stand on stage and you see your fans singing your songs, you know that it is something extremely special.

EY: What’s next for EPICA?

The Metal Cruise, a Latin American tour, a mini tour through the UK. After that we will take it easy and start to write our new album, which we hope to record after the summer in 2011.

For more information about Simone Simons and EPICA, visit their official pages:







Images: Epica.nl

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  1. Oh, wow, I love that you had an interview with Epica! This thrills me, I really like them a lot. I haven’t had a chance to listen to Design Your Universe in full, but a friend of mine recommended me the Unleashed video and I loved it! Very nice post 😀

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