Simone Simons of EPICA’s 10 Quickies

1. What is your one-line positive thinking mantra?

Never give up.

2. Describe your personality?

Funny, sweet, caring and goofy.

3. What practices have you adopted that have led to a healthier lifestyle?

I work out once or twice a week. I’ve noticed that my body has become stronger.

4. The world is going green, have you embraced the trend?

I try to clean up the mess that I make. I never throw trash on the floor. Will re-use plastic bags. Today I was getting angry about Walmart. I went food shopping with our tour manager and the amount of plastic bags that is used, is insane!

5. Provide us with a few tips and tricks for holistic living ?

I took way too many strong medications in the past. Nowadays I try to stay away from them and try to eat healthy. I do use some homeopathic/natural medicine whenever I feel like getting sick.

6. Describe your fashion style?

Classy chic.

7. How do you unwind after a long week?

Watching movies.

8. What empowers you?

My creativity.


9. What is your favorite cuisine?


10. How do you creatively express yourself?

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2 thoughts on “Simone Simons of EPICA’s 10 Quickies

  1. I love that she said she was getting angry at Walmart xD That made me laugh, but it’s the truth. Walmart uses an insane amount of plastic bags! I also think it’s neat that her favorite cuisine is Indian. Indian food intrigues me.

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