Don’t Rely On Internet Dating

Internet dating should be considered as ‘Plan B’, something you turn to when you’re not meeting enough people in real life. It has proven to be successful, but people should not rely too much on internet dating to meet potential people.

Relying too much on this form of dating, is like having an obsession with the social network facebook; by spending too much time on the internet, your social  life in reality basically deteriorates. For example, you meet a nice guy/girl online, and you talk quite frequently about any and everything. After some time, you decide to meet up, but what happens sometime is that, after meeting up, people haven nothing to discuss in person. It’s like they’re much better (more comfortable and safe) behind a computer.

In dealing with this kind of thing, people need to exercise their social skills. Spend more time building a network of peers where you can share interests with, and maybe this could potentially lead to finding relationships. Internet dating somewhat cuts to the chase and goes straight to the dating phase. Whereas when you meet someone in person, you spend time together, you attract each other, you build a friendship, and dating comes after that process (which gives a much better chance for the relationship to last).

I am dismissing the success of internet dating for some people. However, there are others who have spent a long period of time online searching to find someone compatible, but it’s not working for them. My advice, it’s time to get off the net, and get out more. You never know, love comes to people who least expect it.  So spend more time socializing in reality and less time browsing cyberspace!

Note: People who you meet online don’t always turn out to be who you expect them to be in person. Profile pictures lie, and especially people!

What do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Rely On Internet Dating

  1. True that! I know someone who has been trying for years with the internet approach and each time it never works out and when she meets someone in real life that bombs out too and I think it’s because she spent so much time online. Bottom line ladies and gentleman the chase is half the fun the relationship (if you go that route) is the start of something new go out there and get it!

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