Giving The GF All Access: Good/Bad Idea?

I've been looking at this topic from both a male/female perspective. Of course I leaned more towards the female perspective, being that I am a female. However, I'm not so sure about the girlfriend having all access to her boyfriend's stuff (in particular, his passwords, his phone, his bank account, etc.) I mean, I wouldn't want my boyfriend having that much access to those things.

I know you guys are probably thinking by now, what about trust? However, people can sometimes abuse this access for their own advantage. For example, logging into your boyfriend's e-mail account to check his inbox, or searching his phone to see who he's calling. Or even using his card at the ATM to take money from his account without his permission (not only is that wrong, it's a felony).

Any girl that has time to do all that work, especially without him noticing, needs to re-evaluate herself, and why she’s with a guy she can’t trust. Allow the man to have some kind of privacy. You do not need to know every little detail about him while you’re dating. I’m looking at this the way I would want a guy to understand, that I’m not going to share every single detail of my life with him (especially if you’re not married).

If you’re just dating someone, there’s no need to share your bank account information with them, or even open a joint account (what tha hell!). I can understand this only if, like I said before, you’re married. Boys, if you’re being pressured by your girlfriend to share all your personal stuff with her, then most likely she doesn’t trust you and you will be spending majority of the relationship trying to defend yourself. If your girlfriend is possessive or controlling, run for your lives!

I get that girls will find it hard to trust a boyfriend who hasn’t been faithful before, but if you give another chance to the relationship and you still have trust issues, then I don’t think it will work out at all. Some girls have even gone to the extreme of putting bugs inside a guys phone to track his every position (not just extreme, but extremely psychotic).

Let’s keep it real girls. Give the man some space. Let the relationship be a comfortable and healthy one.

What do you guys think about this?

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