Spotlight – Shayne Ward

Meet Shayne Ward, an English born  pop singer who became well known after winning the second season of The X Factor. Shayne signed a record deal with Simon Cowell‘s label after winning the competition, and his career took off after that.

Shayne’s first single “That’s My Goal“, sold 742,000 copies in it’s first week of being released. To date, the single has sold over 1.3 million in the UK alone. His self titled album, which was released in April 2006, debuted at number one on the UK charts and in eight other countries, and sold over 2 million copies worldwide. “Shayne Ward” was later certified 4x platinum.

In August 2006, Shayne developed vocal chord nodules (a mass of tissue that grows on the vocal chords) and went to Los Angeles to receive treatment. After much needed rest, he went on a book tour November that year, to promote his autobiography “My Story“. In 2007, Shayne went on a tour throughout the UK and Ireland. In September 2007, Shayne released his fourth single titled “If That’s Ok With You“, which debut at number 2 on the UK charts. His second album “Breathless“, was released in November, debuted at number 2 behind Leona Lewis’ “Spirit“. However, ‘Breathless” debuted at the number one spot in Ireland, and was later certified 5x platinum.

In May 2008, Ward went on the “Breathless Tour“, making stops in his home town of Manchester, and also being a support act for the group Westlife. Shayne was sort of placed on the back burner behind Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle, after Simon decided not to release any further music from the artist for three years.

Shayne began working on his third album in 2009, along with popular producers RedOne (lady Gaga, Akon) and Taio Cruz (Cheryl Cole, JLS). He released his third album “Obsession” on November 15, 2010. The first single from the album is a cover of Nickelback’s hit “Gotta Be Somebody“. The second single is going to be the album’s title track, and will be released in February 2011.

Shayne Ward is a very talented singer. His voice is soothing and depicts emotion and passion. Such an amazing singer should not be dismissed. Check out his music today!

I leave you with my favorite song, “Breathless“, and his latest “Gotta Be Somebody“:



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