Vince comes ‘Harder’ with his Music

Vince Harder has the complete package of a true star. Currently hard at work on his debut album, this New Zealand born R&B, Pop singer, songwriter and producer is ready to take on the music industry by storm.

Check out his “Summer Dayz” music video below, and read the interview for more about Vince Harder:

EYHow’s the music scene in New Zealand, and when did it hit you that music is your true calling?

VH: The music scene is pretty awesome, we have a lot of talent that comes out of this little place.  I realized music was my calling after winning 1st place 2 categories in my high school talent contest when I was 15, the vocal and instrumental section.

EY: Who are some of your influences, and how would you describe your style of music?

VH: My music is Pop/Rnb other styles i fuse are soul, hip hop, Dance, house and electro.  these days you hear a bit of everything in pop rnb music, great example is Chris Brown.  my influence has always been my family, my mum used to sing to us on the piano, my eldest brother was an amazing guitarist, and my sister used to be an awesome hip hop dancer.  growing up watching them and being around it all the time gave me the passion to pursue it myself.

EYYou were a participant in the Australian version of ‘X Factor’, what went through your head when you came in 3rd and how has that experience impacted your life?

VH: What went through my head at the time was “I want to win”.  It didn’t happen, I came third place, but when I lost the chance to win I found a new strength in wanting to continue doing music even more, I never gave up wanting to be an artist after X-Factor, im greatful for the experience because it has brought me this far.

EY: I learned that you’ve also done theatre, playing the role of ‘Simba’ in ‘The Lion King’. What was that like, and what inspired you to take on acting?

VH: Playing simba in the lion was an amazing experience for me, before that I was in a small performing arts group, we used to do small shows and so going from that into a multi million dollar production like the lion king was just unreal.  The acting kinda came with it, I’ve never really had aspirations to become an actor but I do enjoy doing it.

EY: Are you interested in doing film or television in the future?

VH: I wouldn’t say no to the right role if it ever came along, Film and Television opportunities seem to tie in nicely with being a music artist, so if the right opportunity came along, i’d take it.

EY: You also write your own sings. What inspires your lyrics, and is there an artist that you would love to write for?

VH: Everyday life and experiences are always my influence, I also like to write songs that are just fun and feel good for occasions.  I try not to put too many boundaries on myself as a writer because I believe that being a songwriter is an ongoing thing and new styles can be birthed from being free in your writing.  I’d love to work with Timberland one day, he’s one of my favorite producers.

EY: Everything” is your most notable song; what was it like working with P-Money, and were you expecting the kind of reception that you received for the song?

VH: Its always cool working with P-Money, he’s always got killer tracks to write to and the writing process with him is simple. With our track “Everything” I didn’t really expect it to be a #1, i was really surprised that it stayed there for 3 weeks but everyone loved it and it was cool to see.

EY: How was it sharing the stage with international artists like Kanye West, Metro Station, and The Veronicas?

VH: Really cool, I enjoyed sharing the stage with those artists, It made me want to do what I do even more.

EY: Your latest, “Summer Dayz” is a really hot song, what inspired the lyrics?

VH: “Summer Dayz” when I first wrote before I officially released it was a slow song, the verse lyrics were different, it was more intimate talking about a girl who is intelligent and sexy and wanting to spend my summer days with her, I wrote it in the summer so thats what gave me the title, I ended up changing the tempo because I wanted it to feel more up beat and give it an urban club/ballad feel.

EY: Is that the kind of concept that fans should expect from your debut album, and when are you planning on releasing it?

VH: There will be alot of different songs on the album, each one will have its own feel and sound but you will know its mine.  I’m hoping to release it in March.

EY: Do you have any plans on hitting the states anytime soon?

VH: I hope to be there next year working on new music.

EY: Where in New Zealand can we expect to find you chillin when you’re not busy in the studio?

VH: At the beach, especially around this time of the year!

EY: What’s next for Vince Harder?

VH: Whats next? release my album and then take on the world with my music!

For more information on Vince, visit his official pages:

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