Erin Christine’s Music is “Epic, Timeless and Honest”

If you don't know who Erin Christine is by now, then you are definitely missing out on remarkable talent. This Connecticut born starlet has been dreaming about the stage since at a young age, and now she is working hard to turn that dream into reality.

Erin Christine is a show stopper; an energetic performer who continues to stun listeners with her passionate vocal abilities. One cannot turn away once Erin puts her fingers to work on a piano, creating a sound that touches the core of your soul. She is simply breathtaking!

Watch her music video for the soulful single "Say", and read the interview to discover just who Erin Christine is:

EY: Where are you from originally, and when did you decide on pursuing music?

EC: I’m from CT but for the past year and a half I have lived in NYC in a recording studio!

EY: Who are some of your musical influences, and how would you say they
impacted your life?

EC: I grew up listening to The Beatles, Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. I remember when i was younger i used to lock myself in my room and just stare in the mirror and sing their music at the top of my lungs and i would turn of the lights and pretend i was on stage in front of thousands of people. Their music gave me a stage every single night in the comfort of my own bedroom. They helped me to realize that music was all i wanted and the stage was the only place i wanted to be.

EY: If you were to describe your music in three words, what would those three words be?

EC: Epic, Timeless and Honest.

EY: You had the opportunity to perform with music greats Gloria Estefan and Herbie Hancock. What was going through your mind at that very moment, and were you nervous about performing with such huge international artists?

EC: It was an unbelievable feeling not only to be on stage with a brilliant pianist but to be on stage with Gloria Estefan who i grew up listening to with my mom and Paul simon who both my parents used to listen to all the time when i was growing up!  At that moment i was just overwhelmed with excitement that i was about to be singing on stage with these musical greats not to mention it was on a huge stage in front of thousands!  I would say i was more inspired than nervous!

EY: You are known for having energetic performances. What gives you that
drive, and how do you prepare for a show?

EC: My audience always gives me so much energy when I’m on stage and i try to give them 10 times more energy back!  I just have so much fun on stage and i truly black out and become someone else.  I completely let my fears and worries go on stage. The songs and the lyrics are so emotional and its important for me to convey that emotion in my performance, so before my shows i like to be by myself and just sit down and go over the set in my head and completely zone out and focus on what I’m about to do.

EY: Really loving your song “Say”, it’s absolutely beautiful. There’s so much passion. Is it based on your personal experience, what is the story behind the words?

EC: “Say” isn’t based on my personal story but thats not to say that I can’t relate to it. I think the story behind “Say” is so relatable and something that so many people have gone through. The story is about a relationship that doesn’t work out, and a while down the road she realizes that he was alway the one, and she hopes that it’s not too late to tell him how she feels.

EY: The music video was directed by Quddus, something I wasn’t expecting.
Many remember him as a VJ on MTV. What was it like working with him on the video?

EC: I couldn’t have asked to work with anyone better for my first music video.  The song has so much vulnerability and honesty in it, and Quddus did such an amazing job of portraying that.  Relationships are not perfect and don’t always have a happy ending.  Quddus really captured the ups and downs in a relationship and showcased a girl who wasn’t strong enough to open up and let her guard down.

EY: I just have to ask for the ladies, who’s the hottie in the video?

EC: That would be Silvestre Rasuk.  He is a wonderful actor with 11 years of experience.  It was so great to work with him on my acting debut because he made me feel so comfortable and really helped me to “embrace” the character.

EY: How’s the process going for your debut album, and what is the concept behind it?

EC: Creating an album is such an amazing experience.  To be able to sit down at the piano and start a song from scratch is like a feeling i can’t even describe. I put my blood, sweat and tears into this album and i am so proud of the songs Tiff and i have created. We really wanted the theme of the album to be “Strength”.  I hope that when people listen to this album they feel strong, like they can do anything!

EY: I for one am a new fan and currently anticipating your album, so when are you planning on releasing it?

EC: As of right now there is no release date.  Tiff and I are still in the studio creating!  For now you just have to come check out my live shows to hear the records!

EY: Can you describe your feelings on receiving residency at New York’s widely popular “The Bitter End”, a club seen as the stepping stone for many famous artists?

EC: Every time i perform at The Bitter End i can feel the history of music that took place on that stage and it inspires me.  The Bitter End is one of my most favorite places to perform!

EY: What do you hope people will take from your music, why should we listen to Erin Christine?

EC: As long as one person is touched by my music the way that i was touched by music growing up, thats all i want.  I think you should listen to my music because it will make you feel empowered and give you hope and give you something to relate to and fall in love with.  I put my all into my music and i hope that you feel the same passion I put into my music when your listening. 8)  Not to mention its awesome!

For more information on the lovely and talented Erin Christine, visit her official pages:

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  1. Nice interview! love the video too she’s hot!!

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