Spotlight – Jade Valerie

Meet Jade Valerie, an American/Euro Pop singer, songwriter and actress. Jade started out acting in stage plays but later launched her music career as the front woman for Sweetbox. Jade penned several of Sweetbox’s hit songs, until she left the project in 2007 to focus on her solo career.

Jade Valerie Villalon was born August 12, 1980 in San Diego, California. She is of Filipino, German, and Irish decent. Jade was raised partially in Japan from the age of 3, but spent the rest of her childhood in San Diego. As a teen, Jade became active in entertainment; starring in stage productions, and doing vocal training with Joni Wilson. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Jade was introduced to Sweetbox producer and songwriter Geo, by the now late Alan Rich (American music critic).

Jade joined a rock band called Gemstone during her teen years, along with actress Christina Vidal, and Crystal Grant. After they disbanded, Jade and producer Geo partnered with the Euro Pop/Rock project called Sweetbox. Sweetbox’s music became popular mostly because they sampled classical pieces in their songs, and fans were amazed at jade Valerie’s vocal abilities. Under the Sweetbox project, Jade released six original albums, and later became awarded as Asia’s #1 cross over artist, as Sweetbox’s music did well throughout Europe and Asia.

It was arguable that Sweetbox attained much of its success while Jade was apart of the project, and issues arrised with the official owners of the project franchise. Jade and Geo left Sweetbox in 2007 to avoid the dispute, and to work on her solo career.

Later in 2007, Jade released a mini album titled “Out of the Box“, in reference to her former project Sweetbox. The mini album featured the production of Geo, and was later re-released in South Korea, including duets with popular Kpop artists Baek Ji Young, and Kim Dong Wan. Jade released her album “Bittersweet Symphony” in 2008, which went to number 15 on the Oricon music charts (popular Japanese music chart).

In April 2009, Jade and Geo released an album for their project of the same name entitled “Eternity∞“. This album included samples of classical pieces, taking fans back to the original sound of pop meets classical, which Jade and Geo became known for in their Sweetbox days. Later in 2009, the two teamed up with popular Japanese violinist Emiri Miyamoto, to work on a collaboration project called SaintVox. They released a self-titled album in November, which including samples of six famous Japanese and Korean compositions, and six songs with original compositions by Geo. As of November 2010, Jade has released a duet song entitled “Don’t tell Me I’m Wrong” with Brian Joo.

Jade Valerie has written songs for artists like the Cheetah Girls, and Jpop queen Ayumi Hamasaki. She has also had her songs covered by popular Taiwanese group S.H.E. Her heartfelt emotions are projected throughout her music; her talent can never be denied. I leave you with my favorite Jade Valerie songs: “Lighter Shade of Blue“, “More Than Love“, “Unbreakable“, “Don’t Leave Me This Way“, and “Damn (Adagio by Albinoni)”.


For more information, check out her official sites:

2 thoughts on “Spotlight – Jade Valerie

  1. Okay. You are seriously THE COOLEST BLOG I HAVE COME ACROSS. Ever! Jade Valerie is my favorite artists of all time and I’m thrilled that you featured her. 😀 I just loooove all of her projects so much. I really appreciate that you posted videos from all of her projects! You picked some really great ones, too. Unbreakable is my favorite song from her solo work. I’m so anxious for her comeback album next year.

    By the way, since I saw that you talked a bit about how S.H.E. covered quite a few of her songs, I just thought I’d mention something of interest. Another Chinese group, 7flowers, actually covered Unforgiven in Chinese and it’s really excellent. 😀 It’s called Mo Zhou!

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