DJ Kaori’s JMIX IV

Top Japanese DJ Kaori has released a new album titled “JMIX IV“. The album includes remixes of hit songs from popular artists in the kpop/jpop market, including BIB BANG, EXILE, SNSD, Kuroki Meisa, and 4Minute.

Along with the remix album, Kaori’s also releasing two DVD box sets titled “DJ Kaori’s INMIX DVD3“, and “DJ Kaori’s INMIX DVD BOX“. Both DVDs will include music video mixes, a collectible sticker, and a headphone charm. Be sure to support this talented DJ, and check out her music video for “You’re The Only One” with JAY’ED below:




One thought on “DJ Kaori’s JMIX IV

  1. What an excellent post! I’m a big fan of DJ Kaori’s mixes. She always features some pretty good songs. Her last one was awesome! This one looks really great, too. I’m so thrilled that she included Koe wo Kikasete by Big Bang because they’re my absolute favorite group and that has to be my favorite Japanese-language song by them! (My favorite Korean-language song is Hallelujah, it’s awesome!) I’m excited to see JASMINE, Meisa, 4minute, SNSD, Aoyama Thelma, Spontania and ICONIQ on the tracklisting, also! And that headphones charm intrigues me. I really want this. 😀

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